Old internet/academic humor archive?
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I'm looking for an old website, maintained by a college professor, with computer, physics, and grad-school related humor colelcted from around the Internet.

It was pretty sizeable, probably around 60-80 pages in total. As I recall, it went offline in about 2008, but was archived on archive.org. However, I've lost the URL, and I don't know of a useful way to search archive.org for it, especially given that a lot of the terms from its pages are probably duplicated on other sites.

Does anyone have any tips on searching for it or (and it would totally make my day) know what its URL was?
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Science Jokes?
posted by eruonna at 4:30 PM on March 1, 2014

eruonna, that's not the site, but that might actually have all the material on it, I'll have to take a look, thanks!
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Surfing through the history link of eruonna's link, I came across a list of other collections of science humor (scroll down). Maybe something on that page will ring a bell?
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I doubt whether The Jargon File is exactly the site you're looking for, but there is a certain amount of material in there which fits your criteria. So, depending on what you intend to do with it once you've found it, TJF might provide you some material.
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