Who owns the rights to Arc Records these days?
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How would I go about finding out who owns the rights to albums and songs released by a long-defunct music company? Specifically, a Canadian label named Arc Records. The article I linked to states that Arc came under the control of Ahed Music Corp Ltd in 1969 and that both companies ceased operations in 1986, but I haven't been able to track down any information beyond that.
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Anne Murray's debut 1968 ARC album "What About Me" is now distributed by EMI Music Canada; 3109 American Drive; Missisauga Ontario L4V 1B2. You might contact them.
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I think this could vary a lot from artist to artist, depending on how their contracts with Arc/Ahed were structured and how Ahed disposed of its assets when it ceased operations. Recording contracts & rights can be tricky and complex things.

So maybe your best shot would be to approach this the other way 'round and start with the recording artists/songwriters/publishing companies that you're interested in and see if they know what happened to the material they released under Arc or Ahed.

I also found entries for Arc and Ahed at rateyourmusic.com. There are "current addresses" listed for both companies, but of course I've no idea if they're actually valid.
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Do you mean the publishing rights, or the master recordings? For publishing I would first check BMI and ASCAP (search by title first, as the artist field isn't necessarily populated).

MeMail me a list of albums, songs, or artists and I can look into it further at work-- the answer is quite likely my company. It would help to know why you want to know or how you hope to use the music.
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