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I have a seemingly never satiated appetite for new, interesting, original music. In the past when I've felt starved for something new, I've looked at the latest releases from record labels I trust that consistently put out exciting albums - think Thrill Jockey, Warp, Ipecac. What other labels should I be monitoring?
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Given the only albums I recognize on Thrill Jockey - Black Pus, Matmos - are what I'd term "pop noise" (as opposed to noise pop), I'd point you (if you like that stylistic vein) toward Olde English Spelling Bee who seem to make a consistently interesting racket.
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Mad Decent
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What I've been doing lately is going to Bleep and looking at the recent download releases by date. I basically listen to snippets of all of them, since there's only maybe 15 a week. I've been finding tons of stuff I love recently. It sounds like I have different enough tastes from you that the specific recommendations aren't worthwhile, but bleep's diverse that that approach should work reasonably well.
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Also, you really should be on soundcloud, because most of the best music isn't even on labels these days.
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You might like some of the stuff on UK-based label Rocket Recordings. Releases are now available from their newly launched Bandcamp site.
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I don't know if their brand of electronic/melodic/indie loveliness will be your cup of tea, but I've been obsessively listening to Kitsune Maison label compilations on Spotify.

I keep finding lovely little weird and obscure gems, not to mention the odd pop monster before it gets popular - hot damn this makes me sound like a hipster. I promise I like mainstream music as well :)
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Three Lobed Recordings

Holy Mountain (maybe defunct)

Ecstatic Peace/Father Yod

Woodsist (for popier stuff)

Depending on your definition of "new":
Canary Records/Ian Nagoski
Sublime Frequencies
Analog Africa

Weirdo Records is a great shop, at least online.
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Mexican Summer run by Daniel Lopatin AKA Oneohtrix Point Never.

Paw Tracks, Hessle Audio, Brownswood, Hyperdub, Captured Tracks.
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Distraction are the only current label that I'll buy every release from unseen/unheard. "Music for the strange kid in school", as they bill themselves...

(Their website got hacked recently, which is why the bandcamp page is acting as a stand-in for now)
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I'm with empath - some of the most interesting artists I've come upon in recent times aren't on labels. Soundcloud and Mixcloud are great for discovering new music. Otherwise - how about Domino, Six Degrees or Projekt? (Those last two are personal favourites but not sure if you're into 'world' music or gothy stuff.) Also, not sure if you're familiar with but that might give some ideas.
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Profound Lore is the best thing going in heavy music.
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City Centre Offices
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Thirding or whatever. soundcloud and mixcloud are a great place to start. Find someone you like, follow em, see who they're following, so on and so forth, spend all day clicking "follow" and "play"...

There are some good blogs to follow as well, maybe the XLR8R podcast/newsletter, little white earbuds and so forth... Bleep and Resident Advisor are must check outs.

I like to map things out via - follow the trail of artist, remixes, releases, etc, thru labels and stuff. It is very fun and a good way to find labels and artists.

But you asked specifically for labels to follow, given that you trust Thrill Jockey and Warp especially... Most everything posted above should be up your alley. Big ups to Hyperdub, Mexican Summer, Hessle Audio...

I have pushed Proximal Records as a pet favorite (no personal investment). You would likely enjoy em. Also, probably Innovative Leisure, Night Slugs, Lucky Me, Hotflush, the Fabric Series, Alphapup carries Brainfeeder and Fuselab imprints.

Sorry, not curating much here, I will stop. I find the problem to be SO (maybe even TOO) much music to wade through... My buying/acquiring strategy is to grab any label sampler compilation (after a little research) and go from there.
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Someone else on a previous thread of mine mentioned Boomkat record store which is an excellent curatorial resource for keeping up with new releases in the "new and exciting" area.
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Domino Records, Wichita, 4AD are consistently pretty great and very varied. Agree with the Mexican Summer comments above, too.
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Temporary Residence
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You should check out Don Giovanni -- they have a lot of awesome bands. (Shellshag and Black Wine are two bands that I really like.)
Full disclosure -- my band has a record out on that label but I'd recommend it even if we didn't!
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Response by poster: Nice, thanks for so many suggestions everyone. It'll take me awhile to dig through all of these but eventually I'll return to mark some best answers.
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