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Is it possible to transfer apps between iOS devices without jailbreaking?

On my old iPhone, I have a few specialty apps that have since been removed from the iOS store. Can I get them onto my new iPhone without having to jailbreak it?
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Best answer: This seems like it may be what you want; it was linked by Apple support in response to a question about apps.
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Best answer: Or this.
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Best answer: On the new device of into the App Store and into the previously purchased section. You might still be able to install it from there.

Otherwise get it into iTunes on your computer by syncing, then sync your new device.
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I would back up your phone and drag/drop the apps via iFunBox . You can install apps this way, but I have never tried it myself.
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The apps should appear in your cloud backup in the Not On This Phone section, right? You can download them from there.
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Response by poster: Ok, so apparently the way I've been syncing my phone has not been backing up any of the apps to the hard drive. Fixing that fixed why I couldn't transfer apps. Now that I did that, I transferred the apps right over. Thanks everyone!
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