Why won't Medium.com's notes show up in Firefox?
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The notes (aka comments) on medium.com don't appear to load on firefox, but load correctly in chrome and mobile safari. See these screenshots. Everything else appears to be loading correctly except the 'read next' button in the lower left of the page and the menu button in the top left.

For the Menu button, the box/button itself shows up, but not the medium icon (the 'M'). The scrolling elements seem to load correctly.

I've tried some simple troubleshooting by disabling extensions (flashblock, adblock, IEtab) and inspecting the page source to try and identify the issue but so far no luck (I have a pretty basic to fair knowledge of HTML and CSS but don't know much about HTML5/CSS3 stuff, so I got lost pretty quickly.

I'm guessing there's some javascript related reason why these elements are not loading correctly, but I have no idea where or what to look for and googling didn't produce any results for similar issues or how to fix it.
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I am on the beta channel and all seemed fine for me on FF 27 RC1 and now on 28 Beta 3. Perhaps something has been fixed in newer versions?
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Response by poster: Shoot, knew I left something out of the post

Firefox Version: 27.0
Chrome Version: 32.0.1700.107 m

I actually just ran an update and am now on 27.0.1. When I went back to check I found that everything looks the same, but I did discover that I can click on the location where the comments indicator should be and load the comments for that paragraph. I'm assuming I could have done this before the update as well.

So it seems it's the element not being displayed (or transparent, or hidden) rather than not loading.
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