How can I workout and stay in shape under very specific conditions?
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I want to exercise intensely but have neither free weights nor a good place to workout.

I am traveling in Europe for several months and want to stay in shape while I'm away. At home, I go to the gym almost everyday and try to work out pretty intensely (I like to do kickboxing, weight training, running, etc.) but there is, sadly, no gym near where I'm at now. I've been trying to run outside a few times a week but A) it rains a lot; B) I'm getting bored; and C) I just don't feel like I'm ever getting THAT good of a workout.

I've been trying to supplement running with doing exercise videos online. The problem is that I don't have any free weights AND I have downstairs neighbors and an old apartment building, so anything involving jumping is out of the question.

My question is whether there is, in fact, any way to get a really good workout sans weights or jumping and, if so, whether anyone can recommend particular routines or online videos. I'd be willing to pay for said video.

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions.
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Start doing pushups, situps/crunches, pullups (if there's a playground/school near you, the recreation equipment can be awesome for ad-hoc workouts), squats, planks, etc. There's all sorts of workouts you can do that don't require equipment or jumping around. What I usually do is I'll bike for a while then do a set or two of pushups or crunches right when I finish - you can do this after a run.
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From Nerd Fitness: "How to Stay in Shape while Travelling"

Or, do your preferred circuit workouts or kickboxing conditioning routines, but instead of your jumping moves, 1) kick, hard and fast, alternating with squats or lunges, and/or 2) do everything with no impact, but faster (e.g., step rather than jump out for a burpee).

Also: stair climbing -- you should have lots of opportunities for this on your trip.

It's hard to do something low-impact that's as intense as running or a good strength workout, but you can get close-ish.
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The deck of cards workout.
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I have not used it, but I have seen others recommend Convict Conditioning. It is bodyweight-only exercises that can be done in limited spaces.
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Resistance bands also work in terms of portability, and you can get pretty creative with the number of muscle groups that you can work with them. Not sure if you're against buying any kind of equipment.
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Pushups and pullups can take you a long way (especially the pullups), although you do need something to pull yourself up to. I second the Convict Conditioning rec.
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I love the You Are Your Own Gym app for bodyweight exercises.
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You can mix and match (and skip jumping exercises) with these workouts:

No weights needed.
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And seconding resistance bands! I love those things. LOVE.
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Before I built my own home gym, I really liked using the book You Are Your Own Gym. It shows a ton of great exercises you can do using your own bodyweight and I found it very effective for strength training (cardio, not so much). I still use it a few times a week. There's a dvd set available here. For a low-impact cardio workout, you should try The New York City Ballet: The Complete Workout Volumes 1 and 2. Good luck!
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I just came by to nth resistance bands. They do fine in place of weights. You can get a travel set.
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If you get resistance bands, get the type with a door attachment. That way you can do chest press, flies, pull downs, etc. I have the Purple (Very Heavy) in my travel bag. If it's too easy, either step on the band to shorten it (for things like curls) or step away from the door when using the door attachment.

If you use it correctly, the resistance band can deliver a workout with a minimum of equipment.
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Get some of these travellers dumbells that you fill with water? I've never tried them, but might be worth a go.
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Third for Convict Conditioning.
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Focus T25 videos don't require any equipment. It's all bodyweight. I've also heard good things about convict conditioning.
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