Staying Fit While Traveling in Europe
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Going on vacation to Germany and Italy for 2 weeks. Looking for ways to try to stay fit while traveling. We will be staying with friends in Germany and may have access to a Gym, but will be staying in a house in Italy with no gym access. Any ideas for this? Possibly equipment that I could take that would assist?
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What's wrong with a pair of running shoes and borrowing the local floors for situps and pushups? For the one to two weeks that you won't have a gym?

I know that you can buy traveling weights that you fill with water, but honestly.
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Will you be traveling with a laptop or DVD player? Bring some yoga DVDs. Yoga is great exercise and would probably help with the sore muscles one tends to get while travelling, too.
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I would imagine that you will be doing a lot of walking and exploring. Why not bring a pedometer, make sure you take 10,000 steps per day (find some hills!) stay hyrdated and concious of the food and beverage choices you are making?

You are gone for two weeks only. With Clyde Mnestra's suggestions in mind, ENJOY your overseas rendezvous! In a few months' time when you are feeling overworked and stressed, you can look back on your vacation with fond memories.

With that in mind, you asked for equipment, so I would suggest resistance bands, good shoes for running/walking, and pushups and situps. Please don't weigh your luggage down with equipment.
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Two weeks? God, man.... have a vacation!

Walk, swim, ride bicycles... do all those things people do on vacations. Probably better exercise than what you do now anyway!
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Situps, pushups and a run will keep you plenty fit over that time, unless you're an elite athlete. in which case you already know the answer to this question.
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When I toured Italy a couple summers ago, I never walked more in my life! It's great exercise and it is likely you'll be getting a lot of that. Bring some good walking shoes (try to be culturally appropriate) and get out there and see the sights. I cannot imagine trying to visit a gym while in Europe on vacation. Though, it occurs to me that their gyms if they exist (do they?) are probably not like ours -- maybe that is culturally interesting for you? Anyway, get out there -- people in Europe seem to be healthier than us Americans and that may be due, in part, to just getting out there and being active as part of daily living. Experience that!
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You'll be walking much more than you think. My husband and I went to France for 3 weeks and each lost 10-15 pounds (and we did not restrict ourselves at all during meals). If needed I'd vote for resistance bands and old fashioned push-ups and sit-ups.
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I've thought of getting this set. I have the Power Wheel & some other items from there, and it's good stuff. There's a lot of good free info on the site, there may be some good travel exercise tips too. (Disclaimer: no affiliation with them, just a little experience with other products.)
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