Looking for a lunchbox!
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The other Mr fffm is great. Works downtown at a financial firm, snappy dresser, etc. But he takes his lunch to work in a plastic bag from the supermarket and this gives me a sad. Help me find something stylish (but not hideously expensive please) to tote his lunch in.

He dresses stylishly but relatively conservative/classic (Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, etc), so I'd be looking for something that fits that kind of style. Basically, what kind of lunchbox/bag would Donald Draper carry to work today?

In an ideal universe I'd be looking for something:

- Insulated
- Appropriate for use in a white-collar environment (he dresses at the upper end of business casual at the moment, but that will likely become rather more business and rather less casual over the next few years)
- Dark heavy fabric or leather
- Available at an actual bricks and mortar store in Toronto. I prefer to see things myself in person before buying; online shopping is good for books, music, that sort of thing, for me. But I'd be willing to buy something online if you have seen it in person yourself
- Not cost an arm and a leg, but I'd be willing to lose part of an arm for this

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Response by poster: Oh oops should have added: no time restriction here, this isn't a last-minute V-Day gift.
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Best answer: How about a handmade $48 waxed canvas lunch bag with oil tanned leather strap? Not insulated, but I bought one as a gift and I can confirm it is one classy way to hold a lunch.
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I have a Built lunch box-bag (it's boxed-shaped but soft/flexible) and have been very satisfied with the quality considering how cheap it was. Sorry, I don't see that they have brick-and-mortar stores but I have been happy enough with mine that I feel comfortable recommending it. I don't see the one I have on the website anymore (got it a few years ago) but what about this one?
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Response by poster: Oh my good gravy, phunniemee and theodolite, those are both gorgeous, well within my price range, and I am relatively certain they are both to his taste.

lovableiago, I like that bag but he has Certain Tastes and I think he'd find it a bit low-rent. Would be ideal for me if I didn't work in a kitchen.
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Response by poster: However this wine tote is pretty damn cool, so thanks for pointing me at that website!
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Here's a nice and insulated one.
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If I can ask a follow up question, are the waxed canvas bags with leather straps okay for refrigerators?
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Etsy might be a good option too. I love this lunch bag, for example.
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Not cheap, but depending on what he eats, I have this and it is faboo. Particularly good for people who take a snack or two with them as well as regular lunch. Fabric is dark canvas, though.
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I got this lunch box as a gift and it works quite well. Three containers inside a possibly insulated black nylon case. All three containers are microwavable and the large one (for rice) is also insulated. Also comes with chopsticks. I will have to check how well the large container seals to see if it is appropriate for soups or not, my wife only ever puts rice in it.

It may not be as beautiful as some others but it is quite functional.
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I bought the Bento Box dealie that Linda_Holmes links for a (male) lawyer and it became his Favorite Thing. It is quite elegant IRL.
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Look for something easily cleaned because if you are replacing what makes you sad, you should be up for maintaining the new lunch holder that has to toted back and forth every day.
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On insulated vs non-insulated... Given the span of time between packing for work in the morning and lunchtime, insulation is a relatively unimportant feel-good.

If it's frozen, it will just barely thaw in that time - perfect for microwaving.

If it's a sandwich, people have been packing them for literal centuries for work without insulation and without problems.

If he eats ice cream for lunch... you definitely need an insulated bag.
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See also (I like that it rolls up so you can stick it in your regular bag on the way home)!
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I just started taking my lunch to work (law firm) in a stainless steel tiffin purchased at a local Indian market. It has been quite the conversation piece, and I have had many "where can I get one?" questions. Durable, easy to clean, inexpensive. The one I have has two layers, but you can get larger ones, depending on your appetite!
These folks have some cool ones, and insulated bags if you feel that you need such a thing:

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