Best place to buy paper products online?
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I am looking for the best online shop to order blank invitation paper and/or order invitations printed where I can just provide the design. I will have a maximum buy quantity of 175-200. I'm looking for the best deal I can find.. anyone have experience with this?
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Look at Vistaprint and Uprinting. Vistaprint makes it a little difficult to figure out how to submit your own design but can do it. I think their quality if you upgrade their paper is decent. You should get it ~$100
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I've used many times and was always happy. You're probably be stuck with higher quantities but the price is still competitive.
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I use for invitation printing, and find that the quality is much better than Vistaprint, and you can order the exact quantity you need. is also good, and can print envelopes if you need.
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I designed our wedding invitations and printed them myself on paper from They have all sorts of cards, not just pocket cards. I don't think they do printing, but if you're doing it yourself of bringing the paper to a local printers, they're great.
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