Installation migration
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I want to clone the boot disk of my OpenBSD install, with the destination drive being larger than the source. What's the easiest way to do this? Just use dd and resize partitions after? rsync? Something else?

It's been years since I've messed around with BSD (not counting OS X) so I'm a little rusty. If it matters, the disks are SCSI and installed in an old Sun workstation.
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Either method will work. The rsync solution seems a lot simpler to me. Using tar or dump/restore will be about the same.

After you copy everything, you will need to run installboot to make the partition bootable.
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I'm an OpenBSD hacker and I endorse the use of rsync for this purpose. FAQ section 14 has some useful information on setting up disks manually.
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Single-user mode and dump/restore did the trick, thanks
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