Help me find metal storage bins.
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I'm trying to find metal storage bins like the second picture on this blog: The wheels are a plus, but I'd be happy to find bins without wheels, too. Bigger' fine, but much smaller isn't. I'd prefer the bins not to have holes in them (so mesh bins are out). I'd like to use them to store shoes and boots and such.
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The word that will probably help you is "galvanized" which seems to be the thing that sets these apart. I've seen them called "nail bins" and other sorts of hardware type words. Walmart, for example, has some or you can poke around Google images for more.
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I was able to buy similar ones, sans-wheels, at one of the big box home improvement stores within the past year. Home Depot only lists them online in a 6 pack but maybe you'll able to find them sold individually locally (or maybe you need 6!)
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Just so you're not on a wild goose chase for those exact bins, the casters were added to that bin after purchase.
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We've had good luck finding those by searching for 'locker bins,' but you'll get galvanized and wire baskets. It still narrows it down to a searchable criteria.
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I have a number of similar galvanized storage bins and boxes from IKEA but I'm coming up short finding anything on their web site. SKRIN and MUCK are very close but don't seem to be available. I'd poke around anyway because IKEA usually has tons of galvanized items.

As jessamyn said, galvanized is the magic word.
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