Stoner/Sludge Metal: Where should I start?
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Thanks to a recent mefi comment, I have become aware of Stoner Metal and Sludge Metal, and I am intrigued. Listening to a few bands on youtube (Ufomammut, Horse Latitudes, Capricorns) it reminds me of the late 1970s/early 1980s when I was a teen listening to lots of early heavy metal (Black Sabbath, Saxon, Deep Purple, etc.) I've been out of touch with most of heavy metal for 20 years; what 21st century bands and/or albums should an old-school Sabbath fan listen to?
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Dead Meadow may fit the bill
+ I love you too
+ The whirlings
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Best answer: Please listen to this epic song: Dopesmoker by Sleep
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Best answer: This might help.
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This isn't something I regularly listen to, but an old friend used to swear by Fu Manchu, and he loved that kind of heavy stoner stuff.
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How about the Melvins? I haven't heard much of their newest stuff, but Stag, Stoner Witch, Houdini, Honky, and (A) Senile Animal are some stand-out albums of theirs.
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Best answer: Mastodon are probably the most mainstream and accessible stoner metal of the moment.

Also recommended:
Red Fang
The Sword
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Boris are 100% incredible.
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A friend of mine makes music like this in MAKE. Have a listen - they just played Hopscotch last year in Raleigh.
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Best answer: Neurosis are so, so good.

Om is the other band that were created after Sleep split up, along with High on Fire. In the divorce, Om got the stoner, High on Fire got the metal.

brb listening to stoner metal all day
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Early Man(2) and Wolfmother (2) are two that are very heavily and obviously Sabbath influenced (the bass line off of "Pyramids" there sounds like it is straight off the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath cutting-room floor.)
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Speaking of Isis, I find Red Sparowes very reminiscent of the good shit.
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Witchcraft is a must, definitely an early Sabbath feel there.

Also: Sunn O))), Warning, Tides, Wolves in the Throneroom, Monolithe (the second day in a row I'm recommending them here), Rosetta, Pelican, Mouth of the Architect, Eyehategod, Earth, Coffin Dancer, Blizaro, Blood Ceremony, Cough

Sorry I can't actually link you to any of these but I'm at work and almost every site I'd want to link to is blocked
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- Satan's Country
- Stoned Jesus goes the extra mile and has a singer that sounds like Ozzy.
- Serpent Throne

I like the genre, but don't follow it – I've lifted all of these recommendations from Triphibian's This is My Jam page, which I recommend you follow if you're on TIMJ.
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Sunn O)))
Year of No Light
Jucifer (my favorite)
High on Fire
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Best answer: Sleep's Holy Mountain (grooveshark) is one of my favorite albums (youtube), and I love Black Sabbath.
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Best answer: Check out Sons of Otis

(no relation)
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In addition to the many fine recommendations above:

Orange Goblin, Kadavar, Sheavy, Monster Magnet, Spirit Caravan, Boris, The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Pentagram
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Response by poster: Wow, so much to check out. I thank you, and my inner 15 year old thanks you! I'll probably mark a few more answers once I have a chance to listen to things.
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Adding Candlemass and Cathedral to this already awesome list.
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Give The Cherry Valence a try.
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Iron Mtn
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Response by poster: Thanks Ephelump Jockey, that's great. I'm also grooving on the D&D-esque album covers. In fact, they even sound like something I could imagine high-school me listening to while playing D&D in a someone's basement.
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I'm gonna save you a lot of time:
All That Is Heavy

Looks like you're into the really riff and fuzz oriented stuff, here are my picks:
Early Man
Holy Grail
Big Business

If you want more sludge or progressive, here's a few more:
High On Fire

I better stop right here because it's late and I run the risk of spending my entire night building lists for you :)
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Scissorfight, whose songs were pretty much all about things gone strangely wrong in the wilderness of New England (definitely some tongue in cheek, but only up to a point:)

Acid for Blood

Blizzards, Buzzards, Bastards


Riot on the Village Green
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