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Searching for interesting, slim, yellow gold rings.

Searching for sources or antique jewelers who make or have interesting, relatively low profile rings. I was considering having one custom made but the jeweler I wanted doesn't do slim bands, and the timing is now tight. I've been to Philly's own Bario Neal and I liked some of their rings but none of them were quite perfect; Brilliant Earth didn't wow me and they do 18k only. I've been searching on Etsy and RubyLane but it's hard to sift out the bad photos, knuckle rings, and resellers (like LOTG), and it seems like most antique shops stock white gold/platinum. So: favorite designers? Jewelers? Stores?

Special gold flakes:

14k yellow gold
Under 2mm
Does not have pave stones all the way around
Available in smaller sizes
Not a wheat band design (or super floral, swirly etc)
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I have bought from this shop. They do custom work and their jewelry is high quality.
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Best answer: Why don't you try Satomi Kawakita? My engagement ring is from there and it's very, very delicate.

Anna Sheffield might also have some contenders. The hammer texture band looks really lovely - yellow, simple, with a slight waviness to give it character.

I've dropped in to Wouters & Hendrix in Antwerp a few times and they have beautiful, delicate, interesting stuff, but it might be a bit far.
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Best answer: You don't say much about your budget or desired style, but here are some ideas:

- It sort of sounds like you're looking for a band with a stone -- is that right? Jennifer Dawes has some nice stuff with clean lines, like this or this.
- Conroy + Wilcox is also good for stone-on-band rings.
- Mary John on etsy has bands with cabs or gems; they also do plain bands, some of which are non-circular.
- GiantLion has some more plain, non-circular bands.
- Would a cuff ring fall under "interesting" (or is that not "straight")?
- n+a do nice, organic work, some with an antique vibe.
- Lots more at Kamofie, though they may not be straight enough for your, except for this one.
- Mociun is good if you want something without a stone (like this hexagon, for instance); they also have lots of turquoise.
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Here is a 1mm thin rose gold ring from a Seattle jeweler on Etsy. You could probably contact her for a custom order.
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Response by poster: Sorry, I didn't want to put in too many details, but I left out some important ones! This is a wedding band; even a half eternity with pave was too overwhelming, stone-wise and I hate the feeling of stones on the bottom anyway; straight meaning not contoured (some rings are designed to fit around a halo/solitaire). I looked at the Kawakita designs on Catbird but didn't look at the real website! I LOVE some of the bands at Wouters & Hendrix but alas, although budget (under/around 1000?) is not a huge issue, I think flying to Europe is not an option. Thank you!
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Have you asked around in your family? I know you are a woman, but I will just put this out there. When my husband wanted a narrow plain yellow gold band for his ring it turns out my mother had kept my grandfather's wedding ring after he died and we just had it resized and used it for him and everyone was happy (we made sure we kept the engraving from my grandparent's wedding when it was resized). Wedding bands in the past tended to often be narrower and smaller than today so it might just be possible that someone in your family has one they would be happy for you to use.

Also, these people in Virginia do custom designs, and are willing to work with people who are not local.
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This ring from Etsy seller Nixin looks like it adheres to your list.

Comes in different metals including 14 carat gold.
Width is 1.2mm
Pave is clearly less than half of the diameter.
Not floral or swirly
Comes in small sizes.
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Best answer: I highly recommend Digby and Iona. Do the arrows in this one too much like a wheat band pattern for you? He does custom work as well, so if you don't like this pattern he could probably make something just for you.
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Response by poster: Haha, we were actually just looking at that one (the petite arrow)! It's very much a strong contender, though to be honest given everything in this thread, I think I also have birthday gift suggestions for the next, oh, two hundred years. Thanks again, everyone!
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Response by poster: After looking at hundreds more rings online and trying on enough locally to make my finger bleed, I ended up with a ring from a local jewelry store-- I don't even think the company makes them any more, but they still had the sample. Your suggestions were extremely helpful in terms of thinking about styles and sizes, and I've fallen in love with many of their non-wedding options. Thank you!
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