Can I adjust this box of warm hair color to make it a cooler shade?
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I've been using a certain brand and shade of home hair color for a while with good results. Lately I've decided the color is a little too warm for me. I have an unopened box of the now too-warm shade and don't want to waste it. Can make it useable by adding something to make it more neutral/cooler? Details within.

I've been using L'Oreal Feria in this shade for a long time with very good results. I still like the level of lightening but I need to go a little cooler, I think. Not that the color turns brassy but that it's a little too "golden" to begin with. I'd rather not to waste this box I already had stashed. I suppose could color my hair with it and then use blue Shimmer Lights conditioner every few shampoos to neutralize the gold tones. However if there's a toner or corrector I could add to the color mixture before I dye, that would be great. Any ideas? Thanks, all.
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Walla toner 050 is meant for just that. I've personally only used it to dye my hair gray, but it's intended to be used to cool dye colors.
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That looks perfect! Thank you!
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There is a red-gold corrector I used to buy at Sally. I'm remembering a little squeeze capsule you put into the color and peroxide, but my searches are not turning that up, but it is bringing up several others that I guess you can add to anything, including shampoo.

You might ask at your beauty supply. I used to use it to cool my browns without having to use an ash, which turns green on me.
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I wound up getting the Wella 050 toner at Sally's and added 2 capfuls to the Feria mixture. My haircolor turned out great, a much cooler dark blonde. Thanks to you both for your input and time!
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