Best process for redesigning a wordpress site/creating a test site?
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I taught myself how to build a wordpress website for our small business a few years ago and since our current platform (Platform Pro) is now defunct, I need to switch to a different platform and get all my plugins and wordpress up-do-date. What is the smartest way to do this?

Godaddy is not offering me tech help with this via phone, and a lot of what I've read online about this is confusing. I need a solution that is relatively easy. Do I need to hire someone to help me with this or can I do it myself? I've created a folder ("test") in my root folder and know how to install wordpress into that folder. I've also created a separate database. I have no idea how these two tie together, but what I have read online suggests I do these things.

If you know of a link with good instructions on doing this, that would be very helpful. If you have specific suggestions, please dumb it down for me b/c while I think I've done pretty well learning wordpress, this part seems really confusing (plus I find myself very nervous about doing anything in fear that I will screw up our current site).

Thanks for your tips!
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Hello! I'm slightly confused about what you're asking, so please let me know if I've gotten it wrong. It sounds like you want to install Wordpress, right?

I'm assuming this test folder and database are on your web server? Wordpress is actually super easy to install! Just download it from, unzip it, and upload it to your test folder. Then follow the instructions! It will totally walk you through connecting the database and all that stuff.

If you want a preview of the process, check out Wordpress's "Famous 5 minute install" help.
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This page has a good step-by-step for moving a WP site:
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When you say "no idea how these two tie together" maybe you're specifically stuck on how to set wp-config.php? Because in there you have to include a username and password for it to access the database. Are you confused about those settings?
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