Where can I view back issues of National Geographic in NYC?
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I'm looking for an article from a National Geographic magazine originally published in 1967. I've checked the New York Public Library catalog but no luck. Any ideas where I can find a copy? Digital or hard copy is fine.
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Are you willing to pay twenty dollars?
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NYPL has them off-site, but you can request the issue.
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Ideefixe, that's great! I just put in a request. Thank you.
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NYPL also has access to the digital version, starting in 1959. It is only available on site though.
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I've got the complete NG (as of 1999, when I bought it) on CD-ROM. Tell me the article and if the CD still reads I'll see what I can do.
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I too have the Complete NG, but the newer DVD version. They certainly read ok, let me know which article I'll see what I can do.
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Brooklyn Public appears to have it in microfilm as well as onsite... somewhere. I can't do a thing with their catalog but I'd give them a call if one of their branches is convenient to you and you may be able to just walk in and read it.
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