Blogroll like Arts & Letters Daily?
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I like the links found on Arts & Letters Daily; I wonder if there are other sites with a large, comprehensive list of blogs, columns, articles, etc.

The A & L site is great for the articles alone, but I love exploring all the links running down the left-hand column. There's a ton, and that's kind of the problem--they aren't really well organized. There are left- and right-wing blogs and columnists but it's mostly just alphabetical order.I'm thinking especially of political content, really.

Are there any sites that have a similarly impressive choice of links but laid out a bit better? Again, sites with a political bent are more or less what I'm focused on, but anything and everything works too.
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Best answer: Arts & Letters Daily has a ton of content. Whenever I'm looking for a looong list of sites that is where I go.

A few not as long ones that might interest you:

3 Quarks Daily recommended links (not really organized though).

If you're interested in economics (and related) blogs (which sometimes overlap with politics), FT Alphaville has a great blogroll. They also just did a post on which ones they like as well (which also categorizes them instead of just a list).

Real Clear Politics has great collection of links, sorted by newspapers, magazines, columnists/blogs and digital media (and then sorted into subsections).

The NYT also has a list of blogs, organized by category.
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