Help me identify this action movie from the late 80's or early 90's!
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Sometime between 1993 and 1996 I watched this movie - I think on the movie network - and it took place on what I think was one of those experimental US military aircraft. It was kind of like die hard in a plane - one rugged hero overcoming the odds and taking out the bad guys (and I think saving the girl). I could've sworn it had Dennis Quaid, but I can't find any matching description on IMDB. It wasn't con-air or executive decision. I'm guessing it was from the early 90's, but it could have been late 80's.
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Could you be thinking of 1997's Air Force One?
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Firefox? Not a US experimental plane, and no saving the girl, but it's what came to mind based on your description.
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Broken Arrow?
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Oh, let it be: Slipstream!
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YES! Interceptor! Thanks :D

Andrew Divoff does bear a resemblance to Dennis Quaid, right?
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