What is Cibo Matto's "Emerald Tuesday" (heavily) sampling?
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I'm listening to NPR's streaming "First Listen" of Cibo Matto's "Emerald Tuesday," off the forthcoming Hotel Valentine, and I know this song it's sampling from the first note. (And I think that's the point of the lyrics, that the ghost in the song listened/listens to the sampled song all the time.) I feel like it's also something my husband listens to all the time, or that was in a movie I just saw, but I can't pin it down. My first thought was Curtis Mayfield, but I'm not finding it. I know it's going to seem obvious to me once you tell me, but nonetheless—help! What is that song?
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Is the bass line from "Inner City Blues" by Marvin Gaye?
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Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Afro-Cuban or Latin jazz...those are all possibilities. I'm not hearing it in the linked song, but that definitely seems like it's in the right constellation of potential artists!
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Generally whosampled.com is good at identifying stuff like this, but I think this is a bit too new to show up on there. Here's the Cibo Matto artist page, for reference. If nobody can identify the song here it might be worth checking back there a couple of months after the record's been properly released.
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The bassline is close but not exactly the same as the one in Joy (Isaac Hayes). Thanks for reminding me of new Cibo Matto!
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Can you specify what part you're talking about? I'd say the bassline is "live". The drumrolly thing sounds like Bongo Band "Apache", maybe.

Otherwise, it sounds pretty built-up to me, consisting of more than one sample and some live instruments.
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