Yup, I have nipples. Big deal.
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I am looking for a bra that is (a) unpadded, ie not just without weird foam cups, but entirely unlined, as in, just a thin layer of fabric (this is a must!) and (b) possibly cotton and without an underwire (those two are negotiable). I wear a size 34 D or 36 C, depending on brand. Not expecting to spend more than $25. I haven't been able to find anything like this in my size.

The last 3 years I was wearing these cheapo Walmart nursing bras and they were awesome - all cotton, no wire, no lining, $7.50 a piece - what's not to like!? Now that I'm more or less done with breastfeeding, I need something similar, just without the nursing "flaps".
I do NOT need a lot of support, I don't need "minimizer", super wide straps, or weird breast-plate like memory foam push-up contraptions. I also don't want uniboob shelf bra thingies. No "lingerie" type lacy romantic stuff. No Victoria's Secret, ugh. Just a plain unlined bra, cotton - or nylon, if need be -, in plain colors (black, white, nude). I have not been able to find one. As an aside/explanation - I'm from Europe, where I never had problems finding this type of bra from a dozen different brands and in my size, but it seems wildly unpopular in the US, especially for D cups. I think I could make the C work for a brand that skews large or stretches out, maybe. Hope me? Online shopping vastly preferred, because if I can't order it online, I'll probably just skip bras entirely and become an old hippie lady!
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These are going to be over $25, but I would recommend setting up an account and giving True and Co. a spin. You take a quiz about your previous bra fits and they then recommend some bras that should fit -- and you can try on a bunch through the mail for free. (You could also just do the quiz and see if they recommend anything suitable without ordering.)

Gap also has nice wireless bras in my small-boobed experience.
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I like this bra from Moving Comfort which Title 9 sells as their 24-7 Bra. They are slightly pricier than you are hoping, but they last for years.
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True and Co. hardcore overprices their bras. It's nice to do the home try-on and then buy one, but once I found a bra I liked, I bought them from Amazon because they were almost $10 cheaper.

My favorite all time most comfortable bra is this. I also hate padding and lining.
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Decent Exposures are also more than $25, but they make cotton bras to order.
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I used to wear these exclusively...single layer of fabric/two very thin layers but no padding whatsoever, no wire, pretty much no support really. I'm surprised you haven't been finding them--unless there's been a lot of big changes in the last few years (and maybe there have been), I would think they should be cheaply and readily available at any budget retailer--Target, Wal*Mart, etc. Cheap no-name/store brands, in particular, and things marketed to younger girls, sold 3 to a hanger for not much money. I know they used to come in 36C (which I used to think fit me), but the ones I have remaining are so old the tags are completely washed out, so I can't recall the exact brands. I think Maidenform was one of them.
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It's not within your price range but both Calvin Klein and Elle MacPherson make sheer cup bras in both sizes you mentioned. They will run anywhere from $40-$55.

I forget the name of the CK ones but the Elle MacPherson one is "Sheer Ribbons," I have half a dozen of them that are sadly too small these days but I got about 3-4 years of hard wearing out of them. They were well worth the price.
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Decent exposures are pricey, but they're really comfy and well made and last forever. They're the only bras I wear, now.
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Best answer: The Bali 'smart size Comfort Revolution' is nylon and technically two layers of fabric, but otherwise fits your requirements. Super comfy, and I'm a 34DD. Doesn't give the full uniboob that comes with most sportsbras. I suggest going on the smaller size of the range, eg, a small.

Also, way less than $25. Like, $13 at Kohl's. They're cheaper at the outlet store, too.

There are a few listed on herroom.com under the cotton tag that seem to fit your wants, but I have no experience with any of those.
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Best answer: lane bryant.

cotton full coverage, cotton demi, or cotton no-wire all meet your requirements. and they have your sizes. for being a fat lady store, they sure don't have fat lady bra sizes, which pisses me off all the time, and is why my bras are 6-8 years old and blah. but they have what you want, for just a tinch more than you want to spend. but they have sales and coupons and such.

edit: despite my rant, i do have experience with these, and they are comfy, if not sexy.
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Another Bali smart size suggestion, this one the underwire version also from Kohl's. Hands down the most comfortable bra I've ever worn. After wearing it the first time, I went back and bought 5 more and haven't worn any but these from my drawer full of bras since. Made with nylon and spandex, but feels like stretchy cotton.
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Here's a link to Decent Exposures. The company was started by a woman who just wanted a simple bra that fit.
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Best answer: Also, in addition to cheapness (padding and underwire are more expensive, so cheapo bras = simple, as you found out with your Wal*Mart bra), you might have good luck looking for things that are marketed as "sleep bras," like these on Etsy. You're right, this does overlap a lot with nursing bras, like here.

Although, seriously. I may be misunderstanding what you're looking for, but I would think you should be able to find what you want easily if you lower where you look! Another search term would be "lightly lined;" brands like Hanes and Fruit of the Loom sell lots of them: here, here, here...it goes on. $7-$13. The difficulty might be finding the right size, as the selection is small and stereotypical; but if you can find a 36C (or tighter 38D, or larger-band+Rixie Clip combination) that works for you, that's pretty common.
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My wife seconds misanthropicsarah's lane bryant recommendation, she likes these ones, which I think matches your criteria.
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Hey, so, Calvin Klein and Elle McPherson are both sold at TJMaxx. Have you combed the racks? I like what you like, and have no trouble finding the brand names, discounted, in the sizes you cite.

Also, no glam, but Jockey at $6.99. I also like Bare Necessities, and this $30 number is buy one, get the second half off.
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The Bali one from Kohls is great.
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I think the word "bralette" is what you're looking for:

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They are not sexy stuff, but the Playtex 18 hour bras that I've been buying for a bit now are no-underwire, the straps actually stay up for the first time in my life, and they're very minimalist. And cheap.
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These have underwires, but are fabulous stretch cotton bras that last forever, and are dirt cheap at Wal*mart.
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Hanro is one brand to check out- from Europe, they have a Us website, and Garnet Hill sells them. They are a lot more than $25.00 though.
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If you're near an Urban Outfitters, you can check out their bras. I've had success with this kind of thing there.
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Nthing Bali - I get ones with underwire, but they have lots without. I get them at an outlet store for $20ish dollars.
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Fruit of the loom FTW. I like the strappy model 3-pack but also have the tank style and a couple of racer backs. They are cheap, long lasting, no wire and comfy.
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I went through a phase where my demands were similar to yours (I have since entered a more professional realm and come to terms with underwires and hidden nipples), and I exclusively wore American Apparel bras. Specifically: these and these.

Personal tolerance for American Apparel obviously varies widely but in my opinion these bras are peerless for being good looking, absolutely unlined, non monoboob, affordable, etc etc.
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I buy those cotton Fruit of the Loom bras that QuakerMel links to, and snip a tiny hole on the armpit side of the plushy fabric where the underwire ends and pull it out. Cotton bra, no underwire. I have other more foundation type bras for wearing under formal clothes, but for under a t-shirt at home and to the grocery store? Uh-uh, no pokey stuff for moi. Try it! They're cheap.
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First thing to do is properly size yourself. Most in-store fitters in the US are atrocious. 36C is for someone with a 36" underbust and a 39" bust. A 34D is for 34" underbust and 38" bust. As they are sister sizes, they hold an equivalent volume. If these are not close to your measurements, then you're not in the right size.

Go the measuring guide at Reddit's A Bra That Fits. You'll need to take 5 measurements.

Also take a look at the shape guides, because shape is just as important as size (wide root, narrow root, projected, shallow, full on top, full on bottom, splayed, wide set, close set, etc). Like most articles of clothing, just because it's in "your size" doesn't mean it's a good cut for your shape.

There's also a buying guide. I like Amazon, Nordstrom, and Asos because they have free shipping and free returns. Figleaves has a great selection, and although it's a UK site, their returns are shipped to a US warehouse, so not super-expensive. Once you find a size and bra you like, you can often find them on ebay for less.

Beige, White, and Black are called "continuity colors" in the nicer brands, so you can use that term when searching.
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Have you tried looking for "nursing sleep bra" like these? Just because it says "nursing" on the tag does not mean you need to nurse. I find them very comfortable.
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seconding telegraph's recommendation of the American Apparel cross-back bra. Those things are gold. And there are a few colors and patterns in their online sale right now.
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I get these at Target: Playtex T630. Cotton cups, they have 2 layers of fabric but no padding, no underwire, they come in all the standard sizes.
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I have the same requirements as you, though my cup size is smaller. I love love love this one. Unfortunately, it is a bit pricey ($36).
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Best answer: I, too, have the same requirements as you, but smaller size. I love this bra from American apparel. it's cheap and comfy (they have others with clasps that are more expensive). comes in S M L and lots of colors.
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Playtex 5204.
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Response by poster: Very helpful, thank you, everyone. I see that I have definitely overlooked some good options - I don't have time to comb the racks at TJ Maxx or so because I always have an easily bored toddler in tow...I think I will order some of the suggestions and see which one fits best. Yay!
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