Which credit monitoring services are reputable?
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I'm looking for a credit monitoring service that will let me retrieve my full credit report once every 2 weeks. I'm okay with a < $20 monthly fee. I just want to know which services aren't a scam.

I was a monthly member of PrivacyGuard, because I could get a fresh credit report any time I chose. I would get one about every other week and look through it. (It's an OC thing, but it makes me happy.) A while ago they restricted users to one report every 6 months (due to the abuse from people checking reports every 30 seconds - no idea, but that's what the forums reported).

I've googled for reviews, but this particular market is so over SEO'd that I can't really trust any results. That's where I'm starting from.

The sites I've been looking at are:

I know lifelock.com has their comical issues, so I'm skipping them.
And there's always Mint.com's offering.

The bottom line is: I'm looking for a service that for a monthly fee (up to $20 a month) will give me credit reports from all 3 agencies, every 2 weeks. I don't really need scores, but that would be a nice bonus. I just want a full list of what the agencies have as my file (I can mostly do the math on my own).
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What specifically are you trying to do? If you're concerned about the data breaches, you might want to pull your free one from the government and then put a credit freeze on yourself instead.

The big three are Transunion, Equifax, and Experian.
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Transunion's credit monitoring service lets you do this for $17.95. It lets you see a side-by-side summary of TU, Equifax, and Experian data.
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Response by poster: Just to clarify: I'm not worried about the Target data breaches (or any other). I just want to be able to get my full credit report every couple of weeks, in the way the that old PrivacyGuard would do. I don't need scores.
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Last year, I used Credit Check Monitoring Premium through USAA and I got them to upgrade me to having unlimited pulls per month (instead of just one) from the Big Three by simply requesting it - I told them I was specifically interested in credit rebuilding and needed more than 1 "refresh" per month. It ended up being about 17 bucks per month.
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I believe Credit Secure from American Express may meet your requirements and monthly rate, but check the fine print, I may have missed something.
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Yeah, the amex credit secure does what you want.
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Response by poster: Awesome, thanks. The Amex service looks like exactly what I want. Now I just need to finally accept an Amex card.
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