have a 2 door car, want a 4 door version of it?
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A few years ago I bought a 2010 Honda Civic Coupe. It's a great car that I've put just 35k on. For a variety of reasons, I want to get a four door car cause it's been a bit of a hassle to take folks and stuff around in. If I had the same version of this car is fine. Any thoughts on doing this without a fuss? Would anyone trade with me? Or could i take it to a dealer (which people normally trade-in and then pay up for). Has anyone found someone that might want to do this type exchange on Craigslist?
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I don't think you'll find any takers on Craigslist. If you decide to buy a new car, I highly recommend the Honda CR-V. It will have that familiar feel, only more space. I never thought I could love a bland SUV, but it's perfect.
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Why not see what a dealership will give you for a trade-in? You could always look for somewhere that has a 2010 Civic 4-door and see if you could make a relatively even trade.
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Trade? Probably not. At least not on Craigslist. That's not really something a lot of people do with cars these days. But, a 2010 Honda with only 35k miles on it would probably sell in a heartbeat. Definitely try what Sara C. suggests, and find a dealer with a 4-door on the lot and see what you can finagle. You'll probably have to pay them something, though.
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Thanks all for answering (what i thought) was a dumb question! Will try the dealer route.
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