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I got a ModCloth gift certificate for Christmas, but most of my clothes from there, while adorable, tend to fray, shrink and otherwise wilt after a few wearings. ModCloth-styling MeFi members: are there purchases you've made from ModCloth that have lasted? Specifics inside.

I'm a woman in my 30's. My taste runs the spectrum from 50's-era A-line skirts to tunics & skinny jeans. I like Anthropologie-type clothing with J.Crew-type quality.

I own ModCloth shirts like this one and dresses like this one but both of these items are starting to show wear, much too soon. Blah.

I know ModCloth sells a bunch of different brands. Have there been any you've had good luck with? I'm also cool with accessories, etc. I want to put my gift certificate to good use!
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In general, I've had good luck with their sweaters, such as this one.

One of my rules is that I never buy anything that doesn't have several reviews - between the inconsistent quality and inconsistent sizing (I have stuff from S to L by them, although in general I'm an M), I find the reviews invaluable.

I haven't tried any of their boots, but they do sell quality brands such as Miz Mooz, which might be an option for you.
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Can't think of any brands specifically, but the only ModCloth pieces that I've gotten that haven't fallen apart quickly are simply the ones that are on the more expensive end of the spectrum. I just sort by price (from high to low), and only shop within a range that seems likely to have more decent materials (so pretty much never less than $75-80 for a dress, never less than $40 for a top, etc.).
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Best answer: Oh man, I JUST finished placing an order with them, so the timing of this question is perfect! Almost 70% of the things I wear are from that site.

I usually have good luck with their sweaters and graphic tees (which may not fit your style), but also with certain accessories/bottoms (tights and leggings). Here are some items that have stood the test of time:

giraffe earrings--I get compliments on these almost every time I wear them, even though they are rather small.
Cardigan by bb dakota--I usually find Jack by bb Dakota to be a decent brand for jackets/cardigans
Tights--I own these in three different colors and they work really well.
Chance encounter pants--these fit pretty well. Haven't tried any of the other pants though.
Leggings--I also own these in several colors. Nice and opaque.
Sweaters by MNKR--again, maybe not your style, but these are usually comfy/well-made
This cardigan
Some of these are no longer available but I've had good luck with them:

That said, my policy is: 1) only buy items that have overwhelmingly positive reviews 2) no dry clean items (unless I really love it) 3) prefer items made in US 4) closely read reviews, especially ones that match my body dimensions. Also, I usually try to avoid buying anything that's 100% polyester. I used to, but most of those dresses/tops frayed and fell apart pretty quickly.
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In my experience you get what you pay for. When you see a $32 party dress, keep in mind that what you get is going to look like $32. I'm not sure if their more expensive pieces are worth it, but I do notice that those pieces tend to draw my eye more just from the photos, and when you look at them in close-up, they look a lot better constructed.

Which is another hint: don't just look at the thumbnail photo. Especially if there are no photos of a human being wearing the item. I always look at the most zoomed in shots, both front and back, and read ALL the fine print before ordering.
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Yep, ModCloth is very get-what-you-pay-for, although to be fair, I've found that a $30 ModCloth garment is similar in quality to a $30 garment just about anywhere else.

I have a wonderful Eva Franco dress from ModCloth that's very well-made, but it was quite pricey and they don't currently carry a lot of Eva Franco. I've also heard very good things about their Myrtlewood brand, but I don't personally own any pieces.
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Look at the "Details" tab and check out what the fabric is made of.
My rules:
DO buy cotton, viscose, silk, merino wool, rayon sometimes
Do NOT buy acrylic, more than 40% poly, nylon

(Both the items you linked fail my ingredients test)

Good things to buy, that I would bet on not having seen them in person:
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Best answer: In short, yep, you get what you pay for. Higher price point equals higher quality. As others have said, read the reviews and look at the fabric and details. A $52 polyester dress is not going to last; it's 'fast fashion' for the Forever 21 crowd.

The in-house brands Bea & Dot and Myrtlewood, things that are MC-exclusive, and items from designers who are called out by name are generally higher quality and were I primarily shop.

Disclosure: I used to work at MC.
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I have had no luck with their clothes at all, but love their shoes into the ground.
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My one MC item is this coat and it's held up really well, but then again it doesn't go through the wash. At the time it cost $98.
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Their vintage stuff tends to be of good quality. I got a pair of deadstock shoes from them that are comfy and stylish and have been around since the 60s.
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ModCloth sells Trashy Diva and I can highly recommend them. I have loads of their clothes and they are all great quality. However they only seem to have one dress style in at the moment (in two different colours).
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I have a bb Dakota coat that has lasted multiple Chicago winters.
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