Which Washington Apple Health (ACA/Medicaid) plan?
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I live in King County, WA, and am trying to choose between the following Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) plans, but can't get any specifics on coverage, copays, etc from internet. Help me choose between Coordinated Care Corp (CCC), United Health Care Community (UHC), Community Health Plant of WA (CHPW), Molina Healthcare (MHC), Amerigroup Washington (AMG)?

I am officially poor, thus I get shunted directly into the Medicaid section on Washington State's health exchange. I'm trying to get info on which plan to choose, but there is next to nothing about the specifics of these plans (really "Chemotherapy," no details, is about as deep as most get, though this is slightly more helpful). It's incredibly frustrating, as all the internet resources run in a vague, self-referential circle. Moreover, some are still in flux: "If you are a new Community Health Plan of Washington member assigned to Washington Apple Health, please use the online directory after 1/15/14 to find a provider." Even if that were there, it just seems like there's no way to do a side-by-side comparison with these plans (which is what the exchange website proudly promises you).

I don't expect anyone to have specifics, but if you're in any way familiar with these things, could you give me some advice about these companies and their plans?
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There are no copays if you are on Apple Health, as far as I can tell. Did you see the State Apple Health Handbook? P. 16: "You have no copays."

That booklet does describe each plan but not in any detailed terms. Still, there are some useful phone numbers and such. The grid you linked to has moved; it's now here.

What Medicaid/Apple Health covers, at a minimum, is regulated by Washington State Law. (See here.) This might be why you aren't seeing much to differentiate them -- what they cover is pretty much the same.

I am guessing the provider network is something that will differentiate them, along with some of the bonus features that some plans have. But the basic coverage is going to be pretty standard, with no copays.

I wish I could tell you more -- I'm about to have to apply for a health plan myself because of a divorce, but it looks like the spousal maintenance combined with my (minimal) income will push me out of Apple Health qualification for 2014. I am searching for info on most of the same providers, but for their exchange plans, not Apple Health.
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