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Please help me find online shops or etsy designers that sell dresses with unusual modern tailoring: structure and draping, weird necklines, etc. Solid, neutral, cotton/jersey/wool preferred.

I've had a lot of trouble finding these, because the sort of thing I'm looking for tends to be found in tiny boutiques and design students' shops. I'm particularly interested in unusual structure and draping. Examples of the few things I've found that are starting to be in the right ballpark:


elroy, 2

ASOS, 2, 3

Ideally I'd like to find things in the <$150 range, and I'd prefer to avoid polyester in general because it doesn't breathe or wash well. Neutral colors or really bold graphics (color blocking, black and white) are best.

Thank you!
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Response by poster: Major failure to include All Saints: 1, 2.
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Perhaps Shihar, Gaia Conceptions, and YYStudio on Etsy, or Nau (although right now I'm not thrilled with their offerings, but they change things every season).
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Maybe these dresses from idea2lifestyle and Ureshii?
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Oh hells yes to YYStudio, their stuff is fucking awesome.
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I think the dresses at Modcloth, even though they say they are "vintage inspired" are often very fresh and modern in design.
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A couple Etsy shops I admire:
Out Of Line

Hier Apparel

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If you sew (or have a friend who does), you could pick up the Drape Drape pattern books and make your own! The first one has been translated into english (amazon link), but there are tons of online resources for figuring out the untranslated copies as well. I have all three books (and the pattern magic books, which are similar but more actual drafting instruction rather than straight pattern books), and they're a bit overwhelming at first to trace the patterns out, but the finished pieces come together pretty easily, even without being able to read the instructions. Here's a post with some pages from the English book showing the designs. Drape Drape 2 is probably my favorite, but they're all good.
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I share your aesthetic. These pieces are especially difficult to find because if they are poorly made or don't fit, they are especially unflattering, which I'm sure you know! I have had luck with Sarah Pacini online. The pieces on sale may be in your price range. (If you are in California, Ruti almost always has this style from some of their designers.)
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Milo Creative Studios on Etsy.
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Oh, you've just described my favourite clothes! My go-to store for stuff like this is Cue. Examples that might fit your aesthetic: dress, skirt, top. Some of their pieces are a little above your budget, but they're such good quality - I have skirts that still look new after three or four years. It's worth signing up to the mailing list so you know when the sales are on.
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On the max end of the limit (and beyond), there's Lauragalic, whose work is more structural than drapey, but still fits the kind of aesthetic you're looking for.
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