Help with my NYE playlist: poppy, top-40-ish
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We're throwing a house party tomorrow, and I'm looking for a painless way to get some top-40-ish best-of-2013 music playing all night.

Normally we throw on Pandora with something like Zedd, Lady Gaga, Krewella, Avicii, or Rihanna, which works OK. I was hoping there would be some easy way to find good NYE playlists and get something a bit more curated... but the internet is failing me.

This shouldn't be hard, should it? What do clubs play---top 40, right, with a focus on recent stuff? Throw in a good selection of remixes for good measure? Where are those playlists? How can I get them to play on my computer? I've got access to full accounts for Spotify, Rdio, and Xbox Music, but have been pretty disappointed in either their playlist-discovery aspects or my searching skills.

So far I've found a few on Spotify (1, 2, 3), but haven't been impressed. I'd expect more recent stuff, and more party music than the slower, mellow, and sometimes even vocal-less music in those lists.

I'll take anything, BTW. Manual lists you've compiled, hints about what keywords to append "torrent" to and Google, YouTube videos, it's all good.
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Response by poster: Welp. I found Spotify's New Years Eve section and it seems just about right. I feel silly now.
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This years Top 40?

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I'd throw in a couple of Beyonce selections from the album released in December. That's all I got.
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Slip Turn Down For What in there. Found it on OK! magazine's Rdio NYE playlist.
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You could check the Billboard website.

Here's the 2013 Hot 100. IMHO, you should definitely include Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke and Mirrors by Justin Timberlake.
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Glad you seem to have found an answer, but I wanted to share this suggestion.

I have a Pandora station that I made a point of liking or disliking every song that came on. I built it up over months of listening a little bit every day, but now it's at the point where it doesn't seem possible for it to play a song that I haven't already liked.

You could try making a new station and seeding it with all the artists listed above and anyone else you might want to hear, then let it play all day, going back and liking/disliking all the songs.

Not exactly zero effort, but as long as you paid the minimum attention to it to keep it from stopping due to inactivity and then went back and rated everything, I bet you'd be pretty happy with the results by the time of the party.
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Also on Spotify, but not included on NYE page, HypeMachine Zeitgeist 2013, and you might want to glance over the Best of 2013 playlists on
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Pandora also has an End of Year option.
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Accuradio has a few Best of 2013. It sounds like you want the "HitKast" one. It's not specifically for New Year's, though.
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Songza is a curated, streaming music service. Looks like they have some New Year's Eve options. And it's free!
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