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Who was (is?) the musical artist Apeonaut?

Back in 2002 a musician named Apeonaut put out an album titled 'Kill Them in the Face'. I'm assuming it was released anonymously in part because of the large amount of samples involved in its creation. The disclaimer on his(?) webpage, pulled from archive.org:

"All the samples on these songs have been used without the permission of the original artists. I'm sure there are lots of laws about the use of copyrighted material, but I don't know shit about it. I'm assuming that I can get away with ripping off songs as long as I don't try to make money off them, but I'm probably wrong. Therefore, I hereby create the first law of Apeodynamics: These songs are not to be reproduced for profit or broadcast commercially. Don't panic. We can get through this, if we just keep our cool."

I've listened to the album many times and have patiently awaited more from him, but nothing ever emerged. Eventually the site registration expired and so the only contact method I knew about (the.ape@apeonaut.com) disappeared as well. I seem to remember hearing that he was Irish - the video for 'Also Run' by the Irish band Daemien Frost was apparently filmed and edited by him.

Any idea who this was? Is it a well-known "secret" or some truly anonymous kid somewhere, or what?
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Best answer: From what I can work out he's an Irish DJ called Brian Swords. Can't find anything recent about him online, but this old forum thread references his website (also Swordsy - the "boy". Assuming from the first link the "girl" was DJ Caroline Swords, his wife/sister?) Anyway might be worth messaging the moderator or contributors to see if anyone has any up to date info.
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