Stiff keys on MS Natural Keyboard - already cleaned it.
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I use an ancient MS Natural Keyboard, but the main thing that's relevant here is the key mechanism. The Goog will show you models old and new. I recently took mine apart, cleaned the plastic parts with water, got it nice and clean (years of accumulated cookie crumbs, etc.) The problem is - now the keys are kind of stiff. For example, if I strike them at a slight angle, they don't depress as smoothly as before. The standard advice online is to clean a keyboard to prevent sticky keys, but I have the opposite problem. Is there some kind of lube/oil/spray I can use?
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Best answer: Keyboard enthusiasts like lubes with teflon like this one, which is easily available. There are some more exotic lubricants out there (see this guide). You should be able to put a drip on each key stem, spreading it around with a brush for even coverage without getting things too goopy.
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Go find the silicone spray in the automotive department of wherever. Even the cheap stuff like you'd find at Walmart or NAPA works just dandy. I have 3 or 4 cans of this CRC Heavy Duty Silicone... I could never remember where I left the darn stuff when I needed it, and then we moved, and they finally got put in the same place!
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After trying all these tricks, I highly suggest you get a decent mechanical keyboard if you type more than one hour per day.
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