How can I redirect my FedEx package to a different address?
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I am in Texas right now for the holidays, I have a package arriving to my apartment in Ohio which is very important (it will allow me to renew my drivers license). I am flying back to Pittsburgh this Sunday night, and I'd like to have the paperwork in Pittsburgh with me, otherwise I'd have to drive to Ohio to get the paperwork, and then drive back to Pittsburgh. I called FedEx and they said only the shipper (with a FedEx account number) can re-direct the package. I'm wondering what are my options to save me a trip of driving to Ohio and back. Can I ask my package to be held at FedEx in Ohio, and then pay for them to send it to me in Pittsburgh? Can I authorize a friend to go pick it up from the FedEx location instead of me and then have them send it to me? Are there any other options? Thanks for the help askmefi! Please feel free to ask me more questions if anything is unclear
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Hold at FedEx Location should work for you. But it seems you can only redirect it in transit to another address in the same city, unless you can get the sender to do it for you.
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Response by poster: Can it be redirected to my friend's house, and she can accept it without me being there or me having to sign for it??
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Do you an account at Those accounts give you some delivery options, such as having deliveries held when you are on vacation.

I don't know if this will help your specific situation and can't check now but you might want to look into it if you don't figure something else out.
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Every time I've had FedEx redirect a package being sent to me I had to contact the sender and have them do it for me from their end.
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