Mail at my expense?
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Pre-paid international shipping? I'd like to have someone drop something off in Germany and have the item shipped to me in Canada at my expense. Simpler is better.

I understand the best carrier to use from Germany to Canada is DHL (as per a previous Ask.Me question).

How do I go about arranging an account where my friend in Germany can mail me things at my expense? Just get DHL labels and put my CC# on them? Or setup a DHL account and get billed? Other?

I'm talking about a very low volume, maybe once or twice a month each way.

Suggestions of other carriers are welcome, but I've heard bad things about UPS and FedEx in Germany, and I want to use the same shipper going both ways.

[I don't have regular 'net access right now, so please be patient if asking for more info.]
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couldn't you just set up a dhl, ups, or whatever account with your credit card and then give him the password to print labels? that how people ship things at work and they all get billed to the office cc.
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I second creating an account and then giving your friend the info. We do it at work all the time. I'm pretty sure you can cancel the DHL account shortly thereafter. I'd be nervouse to have my cc number traveling all that way on the outside of a package.
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DHL is your best bet. Make sure the boxes are sealed/secured really well. I shipped stuff while in Germany, flew to the States, and to my dismay only recieved half the contents since the box was damaged in transit.
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