Shipping art over the ocean
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I'm looking for international shipping strategies and recommendations, UK to Canada.

I have a large amount of family ephemera and memorabilia - mostly old photographs, notebooks, small framed pictures, etc., - that needs to be shipped from London, UK, to Canada. It's probably two standard archive boxes worth in its un-bubble-wrapped state. In addition, there are also 4 or 5 large glass-framed artworks (probably about 1m x 70cm max) that have to go the same way.

Does anyone have any tips or recommendations for getting this stuff over the ocean cost-effectively? I suspect the latter needs some kind of art specialist, but would they also take the family ephemera? Or would we be better off just bubble-wrapping the ephemera into standard FedEx (or other) boxes? None of it is enormously valuable.

Any personal recommendations or suggestions would be hugely welcome. Thank you in advance.
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Companies that ship boxes, etc, overseas often advertise in that TNT magazine that's often outside tube stations; they do target their ads at Antipodeans shipping crates of belongings home, but I'm sure they would also be able to help UK <> Canada needs. They would also be able to advise, and possibly provide supplies, for safely packaging your art.
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