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Looking for more 60s soul songs to make me happy.

I just heard "Happy" today for the first time -- what an excellent Christmas present -- and it made me think that you probably know many more songs I would love, and that I should ask you. I'm looking for bass-heavy dance songs, and not so much the slow and/or orchestral stuff many Northern Soul enthusiasts seem to like so much. Songs like Happy, or Soul Sister, or The Girl Across the Street. What can you suggest? Extra thanks, of course, for artists I've never heard of, on labels long since disappeared.
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How about Bobby Hebb's Sunny?
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Mayer Hawthorne
The Walk as an example
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Pretty much any song from the soundtrack of the original Hairspray. I particularly love Foot Stompin by the Flares.
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Best answer: These are a few of my favorites from some of the Northern Soul compilations I own.

Get Ready - Donnie Elbert
Sliced Tomatoes - Just Brothers
It's the Beat - Major Lance
Hold on to My Baby - The Cavaliers
I'm Living a Lie - Barbara Jean English
Let Her Go - Otis Smith
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Felix Hernandez has a streamable weekly radio broadcast, and hosts BIG dance parties. WBGO Saturday mornings on old fashioned radio.
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Anything from the Stax Volt 1967 Revue, available on Netflix. If you want "rare," the term you need to be searching for is Northern Soul.
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The Temptations!
The Way You Do The Things You Do and All I Need. Then later, after Eddie Kendricks went solo, his Happy.

That last isn't technically 60's soul -- purists would classify it 70's disco. Another group in that vein, more bass-heavy would be the Brothers Johnson, I'll Be Good To You and Strawberry Letter #23.
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Best answer: Wendy Rene - Bar-B-Q

Probably one of the happiest soul songs ever.
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Response by poster: Hold On to My Baby and Bar-B-Q! That, that, that! That right there! Oh thank you! Whenever "Happy" comes off repeat, sometime next week, I'll be playing those.

I give extra thanks for obscure songs, not because I aspire to be a douche, but because it's less likely that I will already have sucked all the juice out of them. It may be that Sam and Dave or James Brown or some Motown artist has a song I don't already know and love, but I've definitely worn out my shoes to anything likely to be played on oldies radio. That won't be true of everyone reading this thread though, and I don't intend to be purer than thou, so please continue to bring the soul.

See also y2karl's excellent post of amazing music. Get happy!
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The label Numero Group ( link to a youtube playlist ) digs around and reissues a lot of old numbers on their "Eccentric Soul" compilations.

Compilations will be your friend here-- there are other great reissues of older songs in various groupings. Seasonally, I'm loving "Auld Lang Syne" (the funk kicks in around :49 ) from the Black on White Affair that I found in a Pacific NW comp called "Wheedle's Groove".
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Response by poster: Here's what I found so far, following up on Travertina's Numero tip: Do Your Stuff and Mr. Lucky. Fantastic!
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I absolutely love this compilation: What it is: Funky Soul & Rare Grooves

You can probably find it cheaper elsewhere.
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Response by poster: My daughter heard "Happy" -- a few hundred times -- and asked for a CD, so here's what I made her, in case you want to play along at home. Thanks for all your suggestions!
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