Minor key electronic songs—please recommend!
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What are some minor key electronic/house/ambient songs similar to Moby's "Hotel Intro" on the Hotel album?

No lyrics (samples OK), somewhat "haunting" melody (even if trite in some respects), but a defined melody and song structure (at least as defined as it might be for electronic music), and definitely minor key. If it helps, think of sad cloudy day songs. Another similar song is "Bad Stone" on the Vegas album by Crystal Method.

Boards of Canada, most Cocteau Twins, Gorillaz, Portishead, Bon Iver, Mikkel Metal, Album Leaf, M83 are all out. Not quite what I want, too major key, too upbeat or too weird, and I already have them anyways.

Basically, I just want more of "Hotel Intro." Except the rest of Hotel has words and sucks, and I already have the "Hotel Ambient" album (which is too much of a go-to-sleep-now kind of album). Pandora fails me.

It seems similar questions have been asked a lot, but they are all for "upbeat" songs. Gross! Many thanks for your suggestions.
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Have you listened to Ulrich Schnauss? Melodic and structured, more nostalgic than sad but it's definitely what I think of as the soundtrack to sad cloudy days.

Also, that Crystal Method song reminds me a bit of Phutureprimtive, though that may be a bit too upbeat for you.
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Best answer: I went through my collection of random electronic music and pulled some stuff you may or may not like. No lyrics, hopefully not too upbeat.

Selffish -- minimal housey but melodic and rainy-dayish.
Recue is great
Kahvi is a free chillout/spacey netlabel with a ton of releases. Definitely plenty of minor keys involved. Check out some compilations or Tetarise's lates (which is kind of soundtracky, dunno if that's a plus or a minus)
Essay is fantastic ambient house (I think he refers to himself as "emotional electronica", which is not that appealing, but it's great music)
the soundtrack for the game Dustforce by Lifeformed might be up your alley if you aren't too opposed to the 8-bit aesthetic
Clams Casino has been on metafilter before (he has a newer album too)
Xerxes does some fantastic chillout (some of the newer stuff has lyrics but none of his older stuff does) if it's not too chillout for you.
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Best answer: Trentemoller - Miss You
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Response by poster: Yay, thank you! Sooo happy for all the suggestions. You've broadened my self-limited music horizons.

And Merry Christmas!
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Best answer: To Rococo Rot throughout, continuously, and without doubt. Also...
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oh yeah! Sketch Show – I always forget their name when I try to remember it, a supergroup comprised of two Japanese electronica wizards. Enjoy.
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Blanck Mass, Sub Serious.
Ochre, Beneath Fleeting Visions.
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Max Cooper - Amorphous Romance
Jon Hopkins - Immunity
Clark - Skyward Bruise/Descent
Prefuse 73 - Desks Pencils Bottles

Each of these artists has a lot more where that came from, as well.
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Oops, I'm late to the game.
You might like Was by Vincent Gallo. Also maybe check out the album Endless Summer by Fennesz. Not sure if you'll like it (not as defined in terms of structure) but worth a listen IMO.
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