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We are travelling from Canada to France and Italy and would like to have our roaming charges and calls be as inexpensive as possible. Can someone recommend the best cell phone provider in the EU for both cell phone and data usage where we would buy or get the iPhone 5S SIM card?
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All carriers have the iPhone so getting a nano sim will be the least of your worries. As well, intercountry roaming charges are now a thing of the past in Europe. I can't recommend a carrier (I've used Blau and Vodafone in Germany but have no idea what to recommend for those countries) but just want to mention that this should be a very simple task- 5S sim will be abundant and most options will make you feel you've died and gone to heaven relative to Canadian prices.
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I've used TIM in Italy and Orange in France. Easiest to look up the words for prepaid, data and calls (and texts?), and go into the store. You'll need a passport. If you're in touristville, the people in the stores will generally speak English and be used to tourists wanting short term prepaid SIMs.
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