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For my pal...What is a good physics study guide for: a) 1st semester algebra-based college physics b) lots of solved problems c) without calculus. I remember liking Schaum's in undergrad, but I seem to recall it being calculus based. Thx Hive!
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If they're willing to pay, Mastering Physics worked well for me, but my course (and homework assignments) were based around that. My experience with it was non-calc based, but they may offer that option as well.

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Giancoli is popular, and overall a well-written text. Also, as I advised in this relevant thread, I also recommend looking for study guides for the "Physics B" AP exam. (The physics B test is similar to what you describe. Physics C uses calculus.)
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I liked Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Randall D. Knight better than Giancoli, but Giancoli is pretty standard as well.
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I've got a password and free access to MasterPhysics until the end of the week... Send me a message if youre interested.
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