What to put in a picture frame for a kid?
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I bought a picture frame for my 7 year old, now I don't know what to put in it. Would a kid like a photo or art or something else best?

I got the frame at all because it is fabulously shiny, with aqua, silver, and green. But it doesn't seem enough on it's own. And if anyone has kids in the 5-10 age range to ask, I'd find that super useful. (And I am fine with just putting a photo in, I'm just not sure that's the most fun thing to put in it.)

And in case you need to know more about my child: she likes mysteries, detectives, spies, fairies, and adventures. She reads constantly, watches science TV shows, enjoys doing gymnastics and playing with her guinea pigs.
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Response by poster: Forgot to say, it's 5X7.
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Best answer: A framed family portrait in which all the eyes are replaced with googly eyes would be appreciated by all the seven-year-olds I know.
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Best answer: A photo portrait of her guinea pigs?
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an autographed picture of the guinea pigs. "so glad to meet you!"
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A whiteboard or chalkboard where she (or her friends) could write notes or draw things? This probably works best if it's the type of frame you hang on the wall...
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Photo of her family. Does she have a relative she loves but doesn't get to see much like a Grandparent?
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Ask her! It could be fun to think about what she'd like to put in the frame and then do the project of finding it, getting it printed (or whatever) and fitting it to the frame. What she chooses may surprise you.
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In an ideal world, I'd personally go for a photo of the guinea pig's family (googly eyes optional)... one where they could be wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and building a snowman. I have no idea how you would create this, but that's what I'd shoot for personally.
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Best answer: Family portrait. Give it with a dry erase marker to doodle funny faces on everyone. Mustaches, eye glasses, blacked out teeth, hats, etc.
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Best answer: A picture of herself, if she's anything like my seven-year-old. Also the googly eyed family portrait is a great idea.
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I also say a picture of the guinea pigs. We framed a picture of ours, sort of as a joke, but then it's really nice since they've since passed and we still have pictures to remind us and our new guinea pigs of their existence.

Also, guinea pigs are cute.
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Her name? Here we have a framed batik name and a framed vintage postcard themed around the name. Personalised stuff is fun, and I figure both have good odds of being kept around for years and years. Etsy is probably totally overrun with possibilities.
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Best answer: This but with guinea pigs.
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Response by poster: I went with the picture on a box photo shoot (BoscosMom's idea). The guinea pigs were not so interested in poking their heads out, but I did eventually get them to have their heads near the holes. (The resulting photo is not quite as amusing as knowing I did a photoshoot.) I may give her one of the other options up above if we ever manage to get a family picture.
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