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Is there some sort of online venue that's midway in concept between twitter and a blog?

I want to post thoughts that are somewhat off-the-cuff, and probably short but not necessarily Twitter short. Not dissimilar to a blog, but without the expectation that something is, I don't know, deeply mulledover/convictioned/developed/researched/whatever (I feel like I'd be confused if I saw, say, a wordpress blog that was just a series of someone's few-sentence musings). Facebook used to fill this role pretty well for me but for a variety of reasons I left Facebook a couple of years ago and have been pleased with that decision. It sort of seems like tumblr could potentially fulfill this need, but I think I'm seeking something more connotation-neutral (i.e. I could theoretically send a link to a professional contact without them wondering a teensy bit whether they might encounter slash fiction at the other end.) Any ideas?
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This was more or less the initial thinking behind Tumblr, IIRC. But yeah, a business contact might wonder if it was going to be all image macros and what have you.

Have you considered just installing a content management system on a site of your own and doing this kind of pseudo-microblogging thing there? Your site, your rules, after all.
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You can use tumblr with your own domain.
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Sorry. More info here: Using a custom domain.
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The P2 theme for Wordpress is designed for micro-blogging.
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Thirding that you can set up a Tumblr with a clean, minimal theme (or modify an existing one) on your own domain and use it strictly to post the content you're seeking. You can still connect Twitter to it and push your shortest posts that way.
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I'd be confused if I saw, say, a wordpress blog that was just a series of someone's few-sentence musings

I actually think that would be completely fine with the right theme - a very plain minimalist one, I suppose. Monsieur Caution mentions P2 which does look good, though if it were me I'd be inclined to pare everything down to the ultimate - single column, just little blocks of text floating in lots of white space.
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My Wordpress blog for years was mostly just links and one liners that today ends up on Twitter. There are no rules. If you want your blog to be short off-the-cuff thoughts then do it.
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https://thoughtstreams.io seems like a good option. You can create streams and write using Markdown. So, the result can be anywhere from a flow of random thoughts to a reasonably good-looking document.

It doesn't have custom domains, though.
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I use medium.com, which is just right for writing articles in a one off context, to me, and has a nice grown up presentation and design. I think it's open to anyone with a Twitter account.
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