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I really like holiday gift guides, which combine the illusion of thoughtful shopping with the ruthless efficiency of the internet. It's easy to find guides from popular websites and publications, but surely there are more and weirder out there on the web. What is your favorite 2013 gift guide? What are the most interesting gift guides from blogs and niche publications?
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Inhabitat has a green gift guide.
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Oh also, I've also been looking for kids presents and like Geek Mom's games guide since it has a kid/family focus. I feel very conflicted about holiday giving (too much stuff!) but kids are my weak spot.
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I usually adore NOTCOT's gift guides though they only seem to have a holiday coupon listing this year. Their past guides have still been helpful for me though.
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Lastly, this is a London-focused alternative gift guide (focused on experiences rather than material gifts) that would be a fabulous model to follow.
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Lonny magazine's gifts for her, for him, for the home, etc. (Also, there's a kid, foodie and under $25 one.)
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Also, the blog Shopping's My Cardio has a bunch. This one includes a $500 candle. (Who knew that existed?)
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The Kitchn
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The 2013 Good Gift Games courtesy of The Morning News (which you should be reading for its amazingly excellent news round-ups anyway).
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