Streaming underwater camera
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I am looking for a streaming camera intended to be permanently mounted underwater, that ideally can be viewed at anytime on your iPhone. Help? Ideally it is not insanely expensive.
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Response by poster: Note: I don't want a DIY project. It should be already built.
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The lens will need cleaning every 7-30 days, depending on where it is, water temps, turbidity, etc. It's constant work.
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Response by poster: Patapsco Mike, do you know of such a device that is already in existence? I don't care about cleaning it.

Also, this is for saltwater.
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If you don't require a permanent, built in power source, check out the GoPro Hero 3+. They have an iPhone app that allows you to control and view video from the camera remotely through a wifi connection. I think the range is about 600 feet. Great little camera if you require it to be mounted in tight or awkward spaces. It is about $400 though...
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i don't think wifi works underwater, you're going to want something cabled
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One set up for easy remote viewing? No- but it's been done lots of times by lots of people for a short time. It's a real PITA keeping it up, and I've not seen many that were in place more than a season or two. I hope some people will show up here and prove me wrong!
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When we setup a fish cam at the Minnesota State Fair, we rigged a Marcum underwater camera to a USB capture device and streamed that through Not remotely out of the box, but it wasn't too much work.
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i don't think wifi works underwater, you're going to want something cabled

And to add to this point, since the camera will be in salt water, the camera really needs to be cabled. The reason is that saltwater is highly conductive, which means that it will disperse the signal and attenuate the wave. WiFi waves (2.4 Ghz) can go through about an inch of saltwater before dispersing.

I suppose you could have the camera cabled to some sort of wireless transmitter that is stationed out of the water, and then have that connected to your home wifi network. Maybe something here would do the trick.
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Your probably going to need power too, so full wireless isn't going to work. How close to the camera will you you have power? Can you have a computer there too?
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Obviously not a pre-made solution, but this could be done pretty easily for under $100 with an ethernet webcam, a waterproof box and power-over-ethernet...
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Here are some fantastic cameras used in ROV operations. You'd have to integrate (engineer) them into an existing system, but let me tell you, they kick ass. The cameras would require a tether for live operations.
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