Only Six More Weeks?! [redux]
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It's that time again.. What are some good online stores to buy cool, unique Christmas gifts?

This old post is one of my favorite askmes and has been really useful in my holiday/birthday/other special occasion shopping. Basically, everyone linked to their favorite store that sells fun, funky, artsy, crafty, unique, cool things.

However, since it's 3 years old, I would imagine that there are some new great stores and new great members that have good ideas. For example, I really, really like my local 826 chapter's (826 Seattle) Travel Supply Store and I just found out about it a few months back.

Other sites that I really like include: the MoMA store, Mxplyzyk, Etsy,ThinkGeek, and Urban Outfitters.

What else can you add that is in a similar vein?
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Archie McPhee has unique, cool, funky little things and stocking stuffers.
posted by simbiotic at 10:04 PM on November 9, 2009

Make & Craft magazines have a pretty neat store too
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Wrapables is my go-to gift place. Also, Uncommon Goods.
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Strapya World (cell phone charms & quirky Japanese things)
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Spoon Sisters is filled with cute stocking stuffers.

This is more specific and might not be for everyone, but Particle Zoo definitely stocks unique and cool gifts.
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Oh, and Sock Dreams! People actually like getting socks for wintertime holiday of choice when I get them things from Sock Dreams.
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The Unemployed Philosophers Guild! It's full of nerdy political and historical themed gifts like mugs or finger puppets.
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Wishing Fish has a neat selection of likewise cool things.
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Outblush and Uncrate are decent for gift inspiration, but even better for finding interesting online retailers. Open up the links to individual featured items then browse the stores.
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Maybe this recent thread would be of interest. I know it helped me. :)
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Delight has great gifts for women. Every day there is a different item/deal.
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ThinkGeek and The Sofa Garden are my go-to places for odd unique gifts that have pleased greatly in the past.
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While not a store, Core77's gift guide is always a great source of awesome and inexpensive ideas. The 2009 guide isn't out, but the old ones are a good place to start.
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Gizmine and Cardboard Spaceship are fun.
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David Bull (woodblock100) has his annual gift print, as well as others. I ordered last year's, and it was gorgeous.
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I'm a guy and I love the stuff at Duluth Trading Company.

Regular, every day working class clothing but super high quality, generous sizing, and reasonable prices.
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Flight001 is especially good for travel gifts, but has a bunch of other cool stuff too.
posted by kidsleepy at 8:17 AM on November 10, 2009 sells items from Designers Guild, Joseph Adler, and other high-end designers. 10% of every order of $100 or more goes towards the charity of your choice.

*Disclaimer: they are a client of mine.
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There are some very cool things in the Vermont Country Store catalog if you like practical stuff (we Vermonters tend to like useful things, ya know?).
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the responses so far! I don't think I'll be marking any as best since all of these links are great!

Please keep them coming!
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Uncommon Goods.
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I haven't adopted this holiday tradition yet, but it certainly fits fun, funky and unique.

The Caganer (NSFW) is a small statue found in Catalonia and in neighbouring areas with Catalan culture. The figure is depicted in the act of defecation. Caganer is Catalan for pooper. "The Caganer was a obliged figure in the Christmas Cribs of the eighteenth century since at that time was believed that with his fertile depositions the soil of the crib will became rich and productive for the coming year"!

Available here . (NSFW)
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- Elsewares (state necklaces - cute!)
- PopDeluxe
- Velocity Art & Design
- list of ideas here (Better Living Through Design - gifts under $25)
- Blue Ribbon General Store (tons of cute stuff for kids, little stocking stuffers)
- Mighty Goods blog (down for some reason right now)
- Urban Outfitters home/apartment/accessories (really, there is some good stuff there)
- Ork! posters (awesome city posters, and new heart and brain posters too)
- Curiosity Shoppe
- Mahar Dry Goods (felt sandwiches! teepees! cute and interesting dolls!)
- Three Potato Four (amazing vintage and some new stuff)
- Rare Device (nicer design-y stuff, but very well curated)
- Adagio Tea
- kid friendly glassware
- beautiful picture books at Tara Books
- beautiful wood / modern children's toys at Oompa
- Japanese masking tape!
- Design Public (tons of great home stuff here - not all outrageous either!)
- engraved covers for your moleskin
- House Industries (oh ampersand pillows and awesome posters, I love you!)

That doesn't even get into my favourite Etsy sellers, tech stuff, very much kids stuff or other random ideas. But I have to run. Happy hunting!
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A few more:

- Supermarket HQ
- Bodum beer glasses
- Bonsai (yes you can buy them online!)
- Diana camera / Lomography (yes please)
- REI (who doesn't love a headlamp? Or a great knife? Or a little flashlight? Or those awesome S carabiners?)
- King Arthur Flour baking tools
- Art: Tiny Showcase
- Art: 20x200
- Utility Canvas (amazing quilted blankets and their aprons are gorgeous)
- French Paper for awesome stationery, wrapping paper, printed goods)
- Card Society (monthly letterpress card subscription. AMAZING quality and such a joy to get each month.)
- Hammerpress cards, posters
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Gamepuzzles (beautiful mathematical games and puzzles)
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Buy Olympia (Nikki McClure's papercut-based prints are awesome!)
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MeFi Gift Ideas Wiki
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If you're looking for quirky pop culture (or art) books and beautiful stationery, I recommend Chronicle Books. I think they also have a lot of nice kids' books. I also love Quirk Books (for similar sorts of books).
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If you like Etsy, you may like DaWanda- shipping does vary from seller to seller but it has a lovely range of wares.
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- Not On The High Street
- Pedlars
- I Want One Of Those
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