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Looking for etsy store recommendations for jewelry, accessories, design-y items and other gifts.

Sorry if this has been asked in some form already, I couldn't find it...

I'm absolutely sure I can find some fantastic gifts on Etsy but I'm very bad at searching there, especially when I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I'd love to compile a list of recommended shops (a la MefiMall) - I did check out the MefiMall list but I'm looking for even more recommendations. My ideal Etsy stores for gift shopping would have:

- Items such as: jewelry and accessories (for the ladies I'm purchasing for) in modern, vintage, or costume-y styles
- "Design-y" items (One guy I'm buying for is a graphic design student) - art/typography related items, neat prints, etc
- unexpected items that would make neat gifts that I wouldn't think of
- a decent amount of items for $50 or less ($30ish would be ideal)

So, do you have any store recommendations? What shop would you love to get a gift from, or where have you purchased items from that might fit these criteria?

Thanks in advance!
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First: MefiMall? Where is this list?

Second: WickedMinky on etsy is awesome. I'd link, but I'm on the iPhone. I've bought a couple of her necklaces and always get favorable comments about them.
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Bellaza Mia
Local Library

Hello Handmade Paperie
Sweet Harvey
Modern Art Everyday

Great Gifts:
AM Radio
Alyssa Ettinger
Paloma's Nest

I love Etsy. Can you tell? I hope your shopping goes well!
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The Big Harumph, linoleum block prints and greeting cards
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I ordered some earrings this year from JMJCreations and they were beautiful as well as affordable. They also packaged them nicely so giving them as gifts was really easy! Here's the link to their etsy store.
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Spice kits make really nice gifts - there are rack ones and magnetic ones. For non-cooks, check out the popcorn sprinkle versions!

I have ordered extensively from Vintage Confections, which is an interesting twist on "vintage" gift giving. Also: hard candy moustache lollipops! FTC makes really lovely vintage jewelry I covet.

Silk-screen Tie Lab ties are nice. Also boy-friendly: felt coasters, either with designs or plain. $15!
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FYI, a good way of expanding your knowledge of good etsy shops can be the "see who favourited this" feature. I'll often start from a shop i like, see who favourited it, and look at what else those people have favourited too, since obviously they like some of the stuff i like.
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I just found MefiMall too.

My favorites: Crankbunny (design-y)
Industrial Fairy Tale (design-y)
BeanDoll (vintage-like, check out the teapots)
Merimask (really cool leather items with a classic feel)
AF Metalsmith (a personal friend--she has a wide range of prices)
Delicacy J (a nice style that's between vintage and modern)
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I've gotten a few gorgeous vintage jewelry pieces here at great prices. Fast delivery and beautiful packaging, too.

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My favourite etsy shop is Electric Boogaloo's. There is a fair amount of baby stuff, but also some prints and posters that would be great for playful adults.
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TextileMonster makes gorgeously lush scarves - I purchased the red flamenco one, and always get compliments on it.
DonnaGrayce has a lot of vintage earrings and other things that I often covet.
YellowCanoe makes fun wood key racks and other wood homey things.
Craffiti makes earrings and thing that are so freakin' pretty I can hardly stand it.
Ditbge has a never ending supply of fantastic vintage accessories.

now i must go spend copious amounts of time browsing etsy when i ought to be doing more productive things... AGAIN
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Ling Glass: modern glass pendants
Devil and Mouse:Kinda modern, kinda goth jewelry

Knitting Shop: Gorgeous scarfs
MaisondeTerre: great hats

Present and Correct: letterpress, vintage and scientific
The Black Apple Quirky, vintage prints
Retro Whale: mixed media 70s quirky prints
Yellena: Gorgeous, organic prints

Awesome randomness:
Anatomyofaskirt robot: robot pouches
Builder Studio: "retro tech" pendants and sculptures. For geeks you know, I suppose
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I find stuff on etsy a few different ways. The home page usually has a few galleries up, and they rotate really regularly (hourly?). Then once I find a shop I like, I see what shops and items they list as favorites. Now that I have a bunch of shops and items saved myself as favorites, there's a third tab with suggested shops and the homepage shows suggested items below the main gallery.

I haven't bought from any of these places but really want to:

tilly bloom
- jewelry with a vintage print feel
yorktown road - small linen bags
nervous system - laser cut jewelry
tippythai - fabric bags, is in thailand so not sure about shipping times
spinthread - jewelry made with embroidery.
Stukenborg - letterpress prints
sisicata - jewelry, looks like things and images in resin
opelle - bags, mostly expensive but some small ones that are much less
tattoo socks and more - stockings with line drawings
staceyrebecca - puppets. they are wonderful.
jen mccleary - digital prints
yasha butler - ceramics and ceramic jewelry (I did buy a lovely plate here, and picked it up from Yasha - she's supper nice)
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Culled from my extensive list of favorite shops on Etsy:

Woodland Belle
CraftyFOLK (cute brooches)
The Black Spot Books

Jaime Derringer
Blanca Gomez

Random Stuff
The Mayberry Sparrow: Rubber stamps
A tiny, crocheted Albert Einstein
Element Clay Studio: Modern ceramics
Illustrated Ink: Tattoo and Mexican Folk Art-themed stuff. Paper dolls!

Also, SwissMiss often features design-y gift ideas (frequently stuff on Etsy, to boot).
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UntamedMenagerie is fantastic for laser-cut modern jewelry (steel & acrylic). Every jewelry gift that I've ever gotten for Ms. Cheerwine has been from them. Not only is their stuff awesome, but they are also very helpful and friendly.
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Modern beach glass and silver jewelry.

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Most gorgeous earrings ever, I get tons of compliments on them, are from tenthings.

I got one of these jewelry organizers, and I swear it changed my life. From kikibella.
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The lovely miss Rebecca at Lunasa Designs made me (well, my girlfriend) some beautiful Tiny Stacking Rings not long ago. She's always making new unique things, too - and is an interesting person, to boot.
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A friend of mine runs Brazen Design and makes unique sterling silver jewellery.
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I've been pretty addicted to Pinterest lately, and have enjoyed browsing it. Their gift guide in particular may be of help, as the early adopters of the site seem to be an artsy/crafty/designy crowd. For jewelry in particular, I like to think that my own board might be of use. I particularly like tider for modern design (Eames chair silhouette necklace!) and must strongly second nervous system for gorgeous modern jewelry with a science twist.
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Response by poster: wow! I shopped myself out on the links that were posted yesterday (and found a TON of things I really want for myself, oh dear...) I still have a few gifts to go so I'll be checking out the rest soon, plus bookmarking and favoriting this page a million times. Thanks so much everyone!
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