Need Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Accountant to explain IRS issue...STAT!
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Can anyone recommend a good 'affordable' accountant that could reach out to the IRS and get the straight scoop on an IRS mishap (on my part mostly) from 2007-2008? Would like to get this straightened out as soon as possible.

Amount due is roughly $1.2 K and involves 'Household Employee' taxes filed and paid. Thanks mefites!
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This is not tax advice, but FYI, the statute of limitations for IRS audits is 3 years, so even if you did get audited, they wouldn't go back that far unless they had reason to believe there was a "substantial error," per this FAQ. An accountant could give you a better idea of what you should do.
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I don't know about their rates compared to other accountants, but I am very well acquainted with the folks at Curl and Associates in Durham, and can vouch for their honesty and helpfulness.
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