Calling all pro shoppers!
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I'm looking for this dress, because it screams out to me and encapsulates my personality. My issue is that I have no idea how to find it or something similar....
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A Google image search for "yellow sleeveless wrap dress" turns up some leads.
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Not sure how similar "similar" means, but, to me, this looks like something that would be sold at ModCloth.
Dresses, yellow dresses.
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Not really an answer, but have you seen The Prowl? You might be able to get a recommendation from the fashion-y folks there.
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Eshakti has a lot of very similar, retro dresses. In my experience their inventory is constantly changing, so while they're not showing much yellow now, they could be tomrorow.
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That looks very much like Eshakti's aesthetic, but they don't appear to have that dress currently.
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There's a brand called Trollied Dolly on that sells dresses with this kind of aesthetic (although nothing exactly like the one you linked, I'm afraid).
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Have you tried eShakti? They make lots of great dresses though perhaps not in that exact color. The best part is for $7 they will customize it to you measurements, take off sleeves, add pockets (!!!) etc.

You can probably find something very similar there.
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And just to pile on the eShakti bandwagon, this link will give you $30 off your first purchase. Don't forget to check the Overstock section... they have some dresses with a similar shape there.
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What elements of this dress do you want to find in the similar dress? The colour? The V-neck? The fact that it's a wrap dress with a collar?
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EShakti is great. You also might search Shabby Apple, which has spectacular dresses. Also sometimes Trashy Diva might come close. ModCloth has been very hit or miss with me. (The quality of fabric and construction can be very inconsistent. Read all the reviews on the dresses before you buy). Pretty feminine cotton shirtwaisters like the one if the photo will certainly show up in preppy-affiliated places like Brooks Brothers or Talbots or Ralph Lauren or J Crew or wherever your local country club population likes to shop in the spring. And some of the less expensive designer lines may carry something similar (check Diane Von Furstenberg definitely). You may be slightly out of season (in the northern hemisphere, at least ) for that sort of thing. Although, some of the spend-ier department stores (Saks, Neiman's, Barney's) will likely have resortwear collections on the floor (and on the websites) this time of year. The last time I was in my local Anthropologie they actually had something similar on sale rack, but looking at their site, it seems to not be available online.

On preview, this is a pretty US-Centric response, but I hope it's helpful.
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This one looks pretty similar to me. I have no idea what size you're looking for.
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Response by poster: I like the fact that it is a wrap dress with a collar. I'd be buying it pink, since yellow makes me look sickly. The vneck is a must as well!
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