The Best Boxers
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Find me some awesome men's boxers. Snowflake details follow...

Alright, here's what I'm looking for:

* Men's boxers to sleep in, which means they should be loose. Not fall-off-my waist loose, but comfortable.
* I have a strong preference against large prominent logos, on the band or otherwise. Definitely don't need designs either. Solid colors or stripes preferred.
* Would love these to be super comfortable and natural fibers. 100% cotton good. (Su)pima cotton even better.
* I'd rather not spend more than $20 a pair. $15 is ideal.
* Something sustainable - I'd love to make this choice now and be able to buy the same amazing pair for the next twenty years.

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I can satisfy 4 of the 5 requiremensts. Unfortunately, the price is the one I have not yet reached. I wear Brooks Brothers boxers and have done so for 30 years. Well worth the price. Right now they are on sale for 3 for $64 normally $25/each. They are cotton, durable and have been made for years so would expect continued production.

For (Su)pima cotton, they make a boxer/brief, but that will not be as loose as you prefer.

I suspect if you are near a BB outlet store you can get them for around the $20 per range.
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These last for circa 10 years or more, dry easily, are comfy as all hell, and are just generally the best under-garment I have ever worn or even heard of. They are occasionally on sale, but even at list price they're worth it IMHO.

They are wildly synthetic, but they completely outclass the cotton ones I'd worn previously.
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I prefer boxer briefs, so I wear these from Five Bamboo, but the same company makes boxers with the same materials and in roughly the same styles.

Can't vouch for the fit of the boxers, but if they're as comfortable as my boxer briefs, you'll love them. The bamboo fabric feels much cooler and softer to me than any other material I've tried.

(Sadly, Five Bamboo seems to run out of colors and sizes pretty often -- not sure what's going on there.)
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Sorry, just noticed the no-logo thing... I didn't like it either, but they're underwear, so I trade form for function.
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Should clarify: I understand a pair of boxers, especially one in my price range, isn't going to last me 20 years. What I want is a company that's still around in 2 years when I need to replace them.
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Just got Haines. I like them.
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I would try Flint and Tinder. I have a number of items from there (though no boxers) and they're all great. 100% cotton (or modal depending on the style) and all 100% made in the USA. They also have a nice guarantee where you can wash and wear a pair of underwear and, if it doesn't fit correctly, you can return it.
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