Cute Guys Underwear Please
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As a guy I am disheartened by the apparent lack of supercute underwear for guys in normal stores. It's all boring plaids and solids. What are some good online stores for cute quality guys' underwear? I cannot overstate the cute factor here. Anonymous so my underwear-buying habits are not google-able. Thanks!
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H&M, TopMan, Zara, AussieBum, Ginch Gonch, C-IN2.
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USG is a guide. They'll have links to many online stores like:
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J.Crew usually has lots of cute boxers, though the ones listed on their site right now aren't that great. They seem to have a better selection in their brick and mortar stores.
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You didn't say if you are straight or gay or what but if you happen to be looking for the far end of the spectrum: Body Aware and their sister site XDress are pretty much my go to sites for cute guy* underwear.

*My definition of "guy" may not match yours.
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American Eagle and sometimes Gap have fun boxers. The Gap's are a little lame right now but I've gotten some great ones before.
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Target has a brand called "Evolve" by 2xist. Cute and not going to break your bank even if you want to stock up. Then go for Ginch Gonch, Andrew Christian and 2xist if you want to have some extras of various other types. I've also been pleasantly surprised by what H&M usually has in stock. is a good option for online buying.
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American Apparel.
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Nthing 2xist. Would not go to H+M for underwear—if the comfort of the rest of their clothing is any indicator, I'd be scratching seven ways from Sunday.
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I am wondering if you are looking for cute as in puppies and bunnies cute or cute as in someone of your preferred mate type would find you attractive in them cute.

I am dearly hoping for the puppies and bunnies cute, but I think most of the responders are more thinking the other type.
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I pick up cute patterned boxers for my husband when I shop at the Gap. We also occasionally get boxers at J. Crew. Seconding that the selection is better in the physical stores.

On preview: my idea of supercute is bongo monkey boxers.
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Hello Kitty. For dudes. Totally cute, amirite?
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Mrs. mmascolino has procured me boxers and boxer briefs from place like Gap and Old Navy that feature turkeys and skiing penguins amongst other things.
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Pac Man characters (that site also has Peanuts, Popeye, and other licensed character boxers)

You could try Etsy, a quick search for boxers there yielded:
puppy print,
bright print with smiling cartoon ice cream cones and hot dogs,
robot summer camp scene,
Dick and Jane children's book illustrations, and
rainbow crotch
(if you like one of those generally but don't like the specific one, you can click on the seller's page, they often have a bunch of similar items)
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in 1 year of keeping my eyes on the sale racks of J. Crew and Banana Republic, I got my man a lifetime's worth of animal boxers.
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the candi factory
posted by Chick Pea at 3:23 AM on March 1, 2010 I've ordered from them a couple times. Lots of major brands, styles, fairly frequent sales and discounts.
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Ginch Gonch always seems like they have cute underwear whenever I've seen them marching in Pride parades. According to their "Where to Buy" section, they sell in bricks and mortars, but it seems that you can also buy them online.

Also Nthing the recommendation for The Gap - my BF has several interesting pairs of boxers from there.
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I tangentially know the owner, but I think Pipe stands on its own merits. Check out the photo gallery. (NSFHe, NSFBA*)

*not safe for heterosexuality, not safe for bank accounts
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In the past I've seen men's underwear at the Gap with planets, hearts, fishes, and other cute things on them. They were as cute as any ladies' underpants I've ever seen.
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That Hello Kitty underwear makes me question my sexuality.
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In response to the negative comment about the texture of H+M underwear, my (male) roommate has boxer-briefs from there and they feel woooonderful. Some sort of stretchy soft cottony-jersey-spandex material that I'm really jealous of. So don't rule them out completely.
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Recession Clothing sells gorgeous handmade men's (and women's) underwear, and even has an underwear of the month club. I am pretty sure that is the best idea ever.
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