What's the best way for a fellow to secure his privates while swiming?
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My fiancee has a varicocele which has caused one of his testicles to be quite long (about 5 inches). He'd like to take up swimming, and we're looking for a way he can wear swimming gear without worrying about falling out. Bonus points for underwear help!

We've thought of speedos under swimtrunks, but I worry he'll just fall out of the speedos. Is that a valid concern? Swim trunks don't come far enough down his leg that he'd feel comfortable wearing them alone. He could perhaps find shorts that are just very long, but would just feel more comfortable if his stuff was at no risk of exposure.

Would bike shorts would work well in the water? How about a jock strap? He's never worn one, and we're assuming that it effectively straps your jock. Both of these would be under normal swimshorts, of course. Any other suggestions very welcome.

He also has problems with underwear. Briefs are uncomfortable for him, boxers lend no support, though he ends up wearing them quite a bit. He's got boxer-briefs, but even the ones that come down to mid-thigh lose their elasticity rather quickly, and he ends up just hanging down the side of them anyways, causing a visible long bulge in his pants. Anybody had really good experience with a brand of shorts that keeps your boys in their home?
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I speedo is essentially a jockstrap for swimming. I suggest wearing a speedo or a jockstrap under a pair of swimming trunks.

Good luck.
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Speedo's are so tight, I can't imagine ANYTHING escaping their grasp however, swim jock straps exist and they're specifically designed for swimming. Board shorts also work because they're very long.

As for underwear, your fiancee needs to stop shopping at department stores for underwear and go for quality which is, unfortunately, directly related to price. Unico is a fantastic brand. Many of their designs tend to be on the flashy (read: gay) side but they never lose elasticity and last forever. If you find a website that sells Unico, you'll likely be on a site that sells several other very high quality brands.
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Would bike shorts would work well in the water?

No, but there are models of swimming trunks that are long like bike shorts are.
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Is your fianceé is aware that this is surgically correctable? Most of what you'll read about varicocele correction on the web has to do with fertility, but he should know that what he describes is also a totally medically valid reason for having that operation.

If he is aware of it and has chosen not to have that operation for his own reasons, please disregard (and pardon my derail!)
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Speedos are pretty snug, they'll probably do the trick. I would think a standard jockstrap would get all waterlogged.
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Has he tried compression shorts? UnderArmour carries them, but I couldn't get a specific link. Search for 'compression shorts' there to see what I mean. I've never worn them personally... but I've heard that some guys wear them to keep out-of-control bits under more control.

Not familiar with the condition, but I'm assuming you mean that one side of his scrotum is particularly pendulous. If it's his actual testicle that's like a 5-inch football, compression shorts might not help hide it...
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It seems that speedo (or some other snug-fitting brief or trunk) underneath board shorts (which are very long—as Thrillhouse pointed out—and relatively à la mode) would give you pretty good assurance of no public exposure. If he slips out of the under-layer he'll be covered and a quick adjust will right the boat, so to speak.
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Response by poster: ikkyu2, yeah, he knows it can be fixed, and I've prodded him for a couple of years, but it's not happening. I think what he's already been through during the diagnosis process was so horrific to him he doesn't want to deal with it anymore. He's a very modest fellow.

CKmtl, it's one side of his scrotum, and it just hangs down rather far. Nothing footballish happening, thank goodness!

Great suggestions so far guys, thanks so much!
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Definitely triathlon shorts. Triathletes do the swim portion of their competitions in them - they have a bit of chamois for bike riding but nothing uncomfortable or noticeable. I own a pair of Pearl Izumi tri-shorts. I love 'em.
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It looks like the long speedos or tri shorts would work, but the problem is that while they don't expose you, they of course make your bulge visible. I don't know if anyone would be able to detect his bulge, but a lot of guys with normal sized junk would not be comfortable wearing them anyway. Regular Speedos under regular trunks would probably work, and if not, then I can't imagine a way for him to be exposed with long speedos under regular trunks.
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be able to detect his bulgecondition
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argh. bulgecondition -->bulge condition.

may the gods of the preview have mercy on me.
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UnderArmor makes underwear now that should offer the support he needs. I've been told by teammates that putting them on is like sex, if he is worried about being comfortable.
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Forget bike shorts, they become kind of baggy and loose in water, they just aren't designed for it. I also say that speedos underneath board shorts would work.
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He should just (suck it up?) (bite the bullet?) and have the surgery! There's no need to be embarassed. Afterwards, he will not have a freakishly large testicle. Yay!
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lose their elasticity rather quickly
This can be prevented with a cold wash and air drying.
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An old fashioned jock (atheletic supporter) should support his jewels nicely without embarassment. I'm amazed that someone suggested this wouldn't work for swimming. LOL! They're made for that, along with other athletic acitivities.

Your BF ought to be concerned about keeping proper support of his dependant/s. Failure to do so can lead to things getting seriously painful down there. Sadly, I know from experience.
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