Sweater dresses!
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I love the look of empire-waisted sweater dresses, tights, and boots for winter. Help me find some nice sweater dresses!

I love the look of sweater dresses with empire waists.

I don't like patterns, color blocks, or odd textures, and nothing I have to dry clean or treat very carefully (no sequins, etc.).

I prefer to buy online.

My budget is about $40 - $100 per dress (but can pay more for something of fantastic quality)

Any suggestions? Favorite stores? Things you're wearing right now?
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Peruvian Connection makes amazing sweater dresses (and knitwear in general) - they're outside your budget but they do hold an annual sale and you can often find them on ebay as well.
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The Boden Amelie dress has an empire waist, even though it doesn't look like it in the pics.
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Dress Barn has these for ~$50. Not all are empire/solid but definitely a selection.
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I bought one (thick and soft texture) from Old Navy the other day for about $25! Everything is on sale now, maybe you will find something you like for even less!!
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I don't have this Etsy cowl dress with pockets but the seller's skills are aces; the garment I do have is in a perfect, heavy, beautifully draping, soft, non-pilling cotton and perfectly sewn. Thick jersey rather than sweater, but maybe close enough?
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I have seen a bunch of sweater dresses in the women's athletic wear catalogs that I get in the mail. Athleta has a bunch of sweater dresses, and so does Title Nine (love the name). Many of them are pretty basic and look totally comfortable. I want one now!
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Boden is great, and so is Athleta.
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