Help me find a graph I've lost!
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I've been doing research involving the treatment of musicians under repressive regimes. A while back I found a graph that had a list of countries, and for each country listed the number of musicians killed, tortured, abducted, assaulted etc. in a certain period of time. But I've lost this graph!! Can you help me relocate it?

A few more details....

- I'm 95% sure that it was musicians who were the subject of this graph (rather than protesters or members of another group).
- the countries represented were ones like Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.
- it was a chart with country names on one axis and violent actions taken against musicians on the other (eg. killed, tortured, abducted, assaulted, threatened etc.) and numbers at the intersections

That's all I can remember. My Googling skills have failed me! Any help is appreciated!

(Full disclosure, I'm an undergraduate student doing research on the censorship of music in contemporary Iran. My research and paper are finished, but I just remembered this graph, which I found at the beginning stages of my research, and I am very interested to see it again.)
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There's a similar chart on p.41 of this PDF at (It breaks it down by art form but not by country.) Perhaps the one you're thinking of is from the same website.
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Was it on Freemuse?
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