How can I listen to new music inside my blackhole office?
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In my office at work, I have no FM radio reception, no cellular phone reception, and only have https internet access. Are there any internet music streaming sites using SSL? Or any podcasts I could download at home and bring to work?

I mostly listen to "indie" I guess, punk rock, and whatever's on KCRW MBE.
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Best answer: I think Spotify supports HTTPS
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I know this may be far fetched, but could you install a VPN and get through the corporate firewall this way?
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I believe you could use Audacity to record streaming audio of whatever sort at home and then play it back while at work like a podcast.
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All of the streaming services I'm aware of offer a free trial, so you should be able to try and see if any of them work. My guess is that if your network restrictions are so strict that they only allow https, they probably don't want you streaming music even if you can technically get it to function.
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If you buy Spotify Premium, you can mark playlists for "offline" use and play them that way without having to stream anything. So, I mark the ones I want and synch them at home and then go offline to listen to them in the car without using any data on my cell phone.
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A lot of the music streaming services have downloadable phone apps, as do a lot of radio stations. And there are some good general radio streaming apps like I Heart Radio and

Could you put your phone on the company wifi and provide your own speaker, or does that not get around the https problem?

Additionally, if the streaming apps won't work on your office wifi, could you afford an unlimited data plan for your phone?
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Best answer: Podcast ideas if you really can't get around this:

All Songs Considered
Morning Becomes Eclectic
(both of those put out weekly podcasts with an hour or so of music and are long-running enough that there are tons of old episodes to check out)

Sounds Ace, by Esther Werdiger, is much more sporadic, but there are old episodes and they tend to run pretty long when she does put them out.

All Songs Considered has a supplemental live performance podcast that sometimes has whole sets from live concerts. They also do a weekly new album streaming feature, which I believe is hosted through Not sure whether that is https compatible or not.
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Response by poster: Sara C., no wifi for employees, and no phone reception (zero bars). Not kidding. At the window in the hall 20 feet away I get a clear signal on my pocket FM radio, then I head into my office and it turns into pure white noise. I almost wonder if this was deliberate. I'll try the MBE podcast though.

Phssthpok, Spotify may work, I will try to install the client and see how it goes.
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Triple J, Australia's alternative radio station, has a bunch of podcasts you might like.
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If you are a classical music lover,
KQAC in Portland, OR streams classics 24/7. It is a listener supported FM station.
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MeFi Music is streamed securely, and is about as indie as they come.
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No need to install Spotify: there's an SSL web client.
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Pandora is another option that should work. If you have trouble getting it to work due to network restrictions, these tips from a question on another site might help figure out a solution (though your specific situation is different, I know).
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