How to delete only one site from Chrome history
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So my problem is that I sometimes stalk people on facebook - come on, I'm not the only one -.- - but don't want some people/things I checked on facebook to appear in my omnisearch bar in Chrome. So I tried to go to history to delete/clear only facebook data but apparently you can't select all facebook history at once and delete it. It might take a long time if I were to select each individual item to delete. Is there a simple way to do this?
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Easier method: Open up an incognito window, log into facebook and stalk from there, and there's no history to delete once you close the window.
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Best answer: Better History is a Chrome extension that lets you target domains to remove from your history.

Cmnd (Ctrl on PC) + Shift + N for a new Incognito window, btw.
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Response by poster: To Tomorrowful:
Hmm, I don't like that method because I like when I just click on facebook shortcut and get right in wihtout having to sign in (which cannot be done in incognito mode). Also, even if I do that FROM NOW ON, I still have those old facebook history. And I don't want to lose my whole history because of just that one site.

To wemayfreeze:
I'll try that add on! Thanks!
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You can open a link in a new incognito window. you'll still have to go through a login page, but it should take you back to the link you opened.
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Response by poster: Well the add on Better History seems to have worked (deleted all facebook domain sites from history) except for one crucial exception: when I start typing facebook in my omnibar I get

Which is weird because in the Better History history, I supposedly deleted all facebook sites...
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Is there any reason why only deleting the past hour's history doesn't appeal to you? I understand that you do not want to delete everything, but if you were to prioritize the stalking as your first deed during a session might it not work out well?
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Response by poster: To mr. digits:

Hmm, I mean it may work to delete the past hour's history if I am careful and all but I don't really want to care that much about the whole thing. I rather just go to whatever site I want without thinking and clear things up once in a while.
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Best answer: > when I start typing facebook in my omnibar I get

That's autocomplete (not to be confused with autofill, which is a feature that fills form-data, like address and email) and it can be cleared from memory by highlighting the entire entry and hitting Shift-Delete. For Macbook* keyboards that works out to Shift+Function+Backspace. You'll have to re-do this every time you stalk. (I'm not judging.)
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Why not create a new Chrome account that has none of your search history, and import your bookmarks etc?

That's probably the easiest way to maintain privacy.
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Response by poster: To KukuRyu: creating another Chrome account is too much trouble for me.

Thanks all for your contributions! My solution consisted in using Better History extension to clear the history of facebook with the Shift+Delete trick to clear any remaining unwanted autocomplete.
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You could also download a little-used browser and use it just for Facebook stalking.
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